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Cate Stillman

Got Snot? Top 3 Reasons (And Solutions) From Ayurveda

Snot may be kind of gross, but it’s trying to help your body out. The snot could be lubricating your dried-out sinuses, it might be localizing the...

Cate Stillman
February 20 2013

5 Big Lessons From Ayurveda

Perhaps you’ve run across Ayurveda from yoga class. Perhaps you have a fundamental understanding of the doshas (energies), and you know your...

Cate Stillman
September 9 2012

Why Dandelions Are the New Kale

Kale has received plenty of press in the last decade. Good for kale. Good for our bodies. Kale is actually a “gateway” leaf into the world of green....

Cate Stillman
August 28 2012