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Cat O'Connor

10 Things I Know To Be True Now That I'm In My Forties

For the most part, I’ve always embraced turning another year older. But this birthday — my fortieth — seems a little bigger than the rest.

Cat O'Connor
October 19 2015

10 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Feel Like Crap

When life feels overwhelming, it can be easy to fall into a rut. The next time you feel low, here are 10 questions you can ask to gain a fresh...

Cat O'Connor
March 14 2015

5 Detoxifying Essential Oils To Boost Immunity

When I was first introduced to essential oils a few years ago by my naturopath I had no idea just how much I would fall in love.

Cat O'Connor
February 2 2015

8 Reasons Surfing Helps You Ride The Waves Of Life

This year my yoga practice landed me in Costa Rica twice and San Diego once to experience the power of riding waves. It was during one of my first...

Cat O'Connor
July 6 2014

10 Tips To Declutter Your Entire Life

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth — a time to clear out any clutter that may have accumulated over the winter months; physically, mentally and...

Cat O'Connor
May 8 2014

In A Rut? 5 Simple Ways To Get Back On A Healthy Track

Self-care isn't selfish; it's actually the most important thing you can do. When you put your health and well-being first, you'll feel healthier and...

Cat O'Connor
February 6 2014

If You Love Garlic, You'll Love This Salad Dressing

I'm asked for this recipe so often that I thought it time to officially share the deliciousness with the masses…So simple, so good for you and SO...

Cat O'Connor
August 9 2013

7 Ways To Stop Negativity And Boost Self-Worth

I recently saw a promotion for a new book that made the unlikely promise, "Get Halle Berry’s body without ever going to the gym…"

Cat O'Connor
April 28 2013

Create Better Relationships With Your Yoga Students

Providing private, one-on-one yoga classes is one of my favorite ways to share the practice. Each one-on-one class has so much to offer, both to you...

Cat O'Connor
April 27 2013

14 Things I Learned From A Silent Meditation Retreat

Months ago, when I learned that my application to attend Vipassana, a silent, 10-day meditation retreat, had been accepted, I was certain I'd come...

Cat O'Connor
March 22 2013

The World's Oldest Yoga Teacher

Ida Herbert was recently recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest yoga teacher. She's 96.

Cat O'Connor
November 24 2012

How to Practice Mindfulness In Your Everyday Life

Mindfulness; being present in each moment, aware of yourself, your feelings and your surroundings, rather than consumed by the past or anxious about...

Cat O'Connor
August 29 2012

3 Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

"May today there be peace within; may you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are...

Cat O'Connor
August 20 2012

Celebrate the Everyday Miracles in the Mundane

Just for this day, let go of wanting. Just for this hour, let go of working to live up to the expectations of others. Just for this minute, let go of...

Cat O'Connor
July 22 2012

The Yogic Movement

There is something so full of grace and beauty in a room full of people readying themselves for their yoga practice; human beings of all sizes, ages,...

Cat O'Connor
June 26 2012

12 Things I Want My Children to Know

As a 36-year-old mom to two amazing daughters, I have come to realize that there are some things that I wish I had been told as I approached and...

Cat O'Connor
June 11 2012

7 Things You Deserve to Experience

Sometimes in life, we’re chintzy; we hold back. This happens in all areas of our lives for countless reasons. Typically, it’s because we are afraid....

Cat O'Connor
June 6 2012

The Light That Guides Me Home

I sometimes ask myself, ‘Why do I write; what’s the point? Is it simply a self-indulgent past time that I should put aside for more important things?’...

Cat O'Connor
May 18 2012


Words cannot do justice to motherhood; to the trials and tribulations, the joy and heart expansion that comes with it. Motherhood is a part of life...

Cat O'Connor
May 13 2012

A Lesson in Letting Go

We flow and grow through life; offering, receiving, learning and growing as we go. Chapters end and new ones begin. Circumstances present themselves...

Cat O'Connor
May 3 2012