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Cat O'Connor

10 Things I Know To Be True Now That I'm In My Forties

Here are the lessons I've learned over the years — may they prove helpful to you in some large or small way, no matter your age.

Cat O'Connor
October 19 2015

10 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Feel Like Crap

When life feels overwhelming, it can be easy to fall into a rut. The next time you feel low, here are 10 questions you can ask to gain a fresh...

Cat O'Connor
March 14 2015

5 Detoxifying Essential Oils To Boost Immunity

When I was first introduced to essential oils a few years ago by my naturopath I had no idea just how much I would fall in love.

Cat O'Connor
February 2 2015

14 Things I Learned From A Silent Meditation Retreat

Months ago, when I learned that my application to attend Vipassana, a silent, 10-day meditation retreat, had been accepted, I was certain I'd come...

Cat O'Connor
March 22 2013