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Cat Elliott

How Taking My Shirt Off Helped Me Accept My Body

For as long as I can remember, I've always been incredibly anxious when it came exposing any part of my body, particularly my upper arms. I know it's...

Cat Elliott
July 29 2015

Not Losing Weight? Find Out Why

Do you feel like you're constantly trying to shed pounds, but keep hitting a plateau? Find out if one of these issues is holding you back from...

Cat Elliott
June 15 2015

How To Deal With People Who Give You A Hard Time About Your Food Choices

Living a healthy lifestyle and trying to eat well makes us feel happy, balanced and positive.

Cat Elliott
June 8 2015

A Tasty 5-Minute Vegan "Spaghetti Bolognese"

Below is the tastiest, quickest and simplest vegan version of spaghetti bolognese (using zucchini noodles), made in under 5 minutes with all natural...

Cat Elliott
March 30 2015

5 Foods To Boost Your Mood

I struggled with depression for a large majority of my life. In the past I used food as a means of coping with my feelings — and when I say "food" I...

Cat Elliott
February 20 2015

A Grain-Free Bread You Can Actually Toast (Without It Falling Apart)

Being unable to consume wheat, dairy or gluten meant that bread was no longer an option in my diet. Well, it could have been if I was willing to eat...

Cat Elliott
February 18 2015

8 Real Foods To Eat Yourself Clean

Getting healthy and slimming down doesn't have to be confusing or difficult.

Cat Elliott
January 16 2015

9 Self-Care Tips I Learned From Losing 120 Pounds

I haven’t always been a happy, healthy and confident person. In fact, I used to be an obese, depressed, junk food addicted and booze-fueled party...

Cat Elliott
July 11 2014