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Brock Cannon

An Extreme Adventurer Names The Country's Top Hiking Trails

"If I only had to do these six hikes the rest of my life, I’d be happy."

Brock Cannon
June 30 2017

How To Make Your Hike A Spiritual Experience (No Matter How Short)

The magic seems to come when I am finally quiet enough to listen.

Brock Cannon
April 22 2017

How A Near-Death Experience Changed My Life Forever

Know all that you are capable of...and express it.

Brock Cannon
January 28 2017

I'm An Endurance Athlete. Here's Why I Smoke Weed To Optimize Performance

"In the past, I had relied on ibuprofen, but this seemed to do the job just as well — with fewer side effects."

Brock Cannon
August 20 2016

Finding Dory's Poignant Insights On Life, Joy & Spirituality

Who said there weren't life lessons to be found in cartoons?

Brock Cannon
July 10 2016

I Mountain Biked For 24 Hours Straight. Here's Why I Did It + What It Taught Me

You’ve heard about “the wall” that marathon runners commonly describe? In 24-hour races, you hit 5 to 10 walls.

Brock Cannon
June 13 2016

Are Past Life Regressions The Next Wave In Spirituality?

From someone who just gave it a try for the first time.

Brock Cannon
June 5 2016

5 Sweet Lessons From Nature That Will Inspire You To Go Outside Today

Just as no two redwoods are ever exactly alike, there is nobody else on the planet just like you.

Brock Cannon
May 22 2016