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Britanie Faith

Britanie Faith is a renowned natural beauty advocate, makeup artist, photographer and yoga enthusiast. She is the creator of Beauty By Britanie, a site where she reviews the very best in natural and organic skincare, makeup, Eco-friendly products, alternative health options and shares personal life musings.

She studied Psychology and English in college and thereafter completed Natalia Rose’s Intensive Training in the “Rose Program” in New York City. Britanie had the honor of working as an Intern for Natalia during the publishing of her highly acclaimed book, Detox 4 Women.

Britanie has dealt with some health challenges since young adulthood which only increased her passion for helping others deal positively and proactively with their own. She is adamantly committed to researching the myriad ways of incorporating the natural gifts of aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, herbalism and her belief that positive thinking facilitates all healing.

Britanie has contributed articles, photographs and makeup tutorials to Organic Beauty Talk, Pop Sugar Beauty, Lucky Magazine, Spirit Beauty Lounge as well as many other online sites. Her passion and determination come from her commitment to spreading the word that creating organic beauty ALWAYS comes from the inside out.

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