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Brigitte Weil

The One Gift NOT To Give This Season

I'll be blunt: If you are thinking about buying a gift certificate for wellness this holiday season for someone you care about, please reconsider.

Brigitte Weil
December 19 2015

The Only 3 Words You Need To Survive The Holidays

I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. I love the lights, the smell of cinnamon and pine, connecting with family and old friends, slowing...

Brigitte Weil
November 25 2015

The ONE Thing To Do Before The End Of The Year If You Want To Get In Amazing Shape

I'm a health coach who helps people learn to make smarter food and lifestyle choices. One of the rules I follow, and teach my clients to follow, is to...

Brigitte Weil
November 1 2015

4 Rules To Reach (And Maintain!) Your Ideal Weight

Losing weight is hard and demands daily effort, balanced with the realities of birthday cake, holidays, and the surprise box of chocolates that show...

Brigitte Weil
October 12 2015

6 Ways To Tap Into Your Willpower & Reach Your Ideal Weight

Do you think you cannot stick to a diet because you have NO willpower? There is no such thing as having NO willpower. That is impossible. And it’s an...

Brigitte Weil
September 8 2015

I'm A Health Coach. Here's Why I Want You To Eat Dessert

Confession: I’m a weight-loss coach and personal trainer — and yes, I still enjoy eating sweets.

Brigitte Weil
August 12 2015

I Refused To Diet & Actually Lost 65 Pounds

Once I stopped saying the word “diet,” I lost weight. I don’t use the term diet, I don’t diet in general — and my life is wonderful. Believe it or...

Brigitte Weil
July 14 2015