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Brendan Brazier

Top 3 Myths About Plant-Based Protein (And Why They're Wrong)

A common misconception about plant-based diets is that they lack protein. That’s simply not true. I've achieved top-level athletic performance and...

Brendan Brazier
July 8 2013

Foods for a Better Mood (Video)

What you eat can affect your mood. Here are some of my favorite foods to enjoy and avoid:

Brendan Brazier
November 9 2012

How Eating Plant-Based Can Improve Your Sex Life (Video)

I stopped by MindBodyGreen's Brooklyn office the other day and Jason asked me how eating plant-based how can improve one's sex life :)

Brendan Brazier
October 20 2012

Foods That Are Great for Weight-Loss

If you want to get leaner, lose body fat, and maintain lean muscle, here are some great healthy foods that you should check out.

Brendan Brazier
January 30 2012

3 Reasons Why I Love Kale

The other day I spoke with Jason from MindBodyGreen about superfoods. Kale is one of my favorite superfoods and here are three reasons why.

Brendan Brazier
December 13 2011

More Nutrition, Less Environmental Cost

Brendan Brazier is proposing a whole new approach to food.

Brendan Brazier
October 7 2011

Best Foods for Breakfast & Dinner

It might be to rethink your breakfast menu.

Brendan Brazier
September 7 2011

My Favorite Post-Workout Foods

Throw these two food groups into your gym bag asap.

Brendan Brazier
August 4 2011

Boosting Performance Through Plant-Based Whole Foods

Here's how to get more nutrients from a plant-based diet.

Brendan Brazier
June 28 2011

The Importance of Alkaline Forming Foods (Video)

Here are Brendan Brazier's thoughts on calcium, dairy (why you don't need it), and the importance of eating alkaline forming foods:

Brendan Brazier
January 18 2011

Sleep Quality & Nutrition (Video)

I get asked a lot about the correlation between sleep and nutrition. Here's how the relationship between the two works.

Brendan Brazier
October 5 2010

Achieve Long-term Health & Enhance Performance Through Plant-Based Diet

Brendan Brazier dispels the most commonly held myths concerning plant-based nutrition, and in doing so, provides sound information that can be simply...

Brendan Brazier
August 30 2010

Brendan Brazier: My Favorite Protein Sources

After eating plant-based for twenty years now, the number one question I'm still asked is where I get my protein.

Brendan Brazier
August 10 2010

Brendan Brazier: The Truth About Agave

Brendan Brazier on distinguishing between fuel sources and sweeteners.

Brendan Brazier
July 12 2010

Vegan Protein Smoothie Recipe From Pro Triathlete Brendan Brazier

Brendan Brazier is one of only a few professional athletes in the world whose diet is 100% plant-based. He's a professional Ironman triathlete,...

Brendan Brazier
December 15 2009