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Bernardo Mendez

5 Tips To Deepen Your Sexual Connection With Your Partner

When you think about having sex, would you say "intimacy" is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you think of sex as a place to feel truly...

Bernardo Mendez
April 2 2015

How To Leave A Partner Who's Bad For You

There are few situations in life as disappointing as realizing that the person you're with is just not right for you. It's hard to wrap our heads...

Bernardo Mendez
February 10 2015

7 Ways To Get Your Partner To Do More For You

Would you like to inspire your partner to willingly show up more for you? If I share a few ways to get a lot more presence, commitment and spontaneity...

Bernardo Mendez
October 1 2014

9 Red Flags That Show He’s Not Ready For You

Have you ever spent countless hours trying to move forward with a guy only to realize that despite your strong chemistry and love, he just wasn't...

Bernardo Mendez
August 7 2014