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Ayelet Shimron

How to Turn Pain Into Pleasure

One day I was speaking with a client of mine who was having problems in her relationship. Her boyfriend had broken up with her, and about a month...

Ayelet Shimron
September 23 2012

4 Enlightening Thoughts to Brighten Your Day

Not having a great day? Here are four enlightening thoughts that might make things a bit better:

Ayelet Shimron
June 26 2012

How Your Words Affect Your Being

Every human being on the planet has a voice that belongs purely to the individual, like a finger print, no other person on the planet shares this form...

Ayelet Shimron
June 13 2012

Master the Art of Divine Love in 3 Simple Steps

Love is a fuzzy word with an even fuzzier meaning, and because many of us are unaware of what love is suppose to look like, feel like, or actually be...

Ayelet Shimron
June 11 2012

4 Ways You Can Have Rock Star Sex

Rock stars are energetic, they don’t care what people think, and they go against every social convention known to man. So how can you apply these same...

Ayelet Shimron
May 9 2012

Your Guide to Passionate Loving

Many couples who make it past the honeymoon stage often times lose that magical spark when they stare into each others eyes. Where has the excitement...

Ayelet Shimron
April 13 2012