15 Articles by Ashley Madden

Ashley Madden

Why You Should Be Eating Cocoa For Breakfast

These chocolate overnight oats are what living your best life looks like.

Ashley Madden
February 6 2017

Free Your Salad From The Bowl: 3 New Ways To Get Your Greens

Because salad doesn't actually have to be boring.

Ashley Madden
November 15 2016

3 Ingredients That Should Never, Ever Be In Your Salad

Because you deserve more than sugar-laden dressing.

Ashley Madden
October 30 2016

The Secret Ingredient That Will Make Your Smoothies Way More Instagrammable

Wheatgrass takes the nutrient density (and green color) of this smoothie off the charts.

Ashley Madden
September 28 2016

An Orange-Mango Creamsicle Smoothie To Sip Poolside

It's like your favorite frozen treat—but better.

Ashley Madden
September 3 2016

5 Ways To Spend Less On Your Smoothie Addiction

Your smoothie can reach superfood status without the superfood price tag.

Ashley Madden
August 9 2016