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Ashley Asti

How Getting Rejected Changed My Life for the Better

The other day, I asked for what I needed - really needed - and didn’t get it. I told someone I loved him, but I didn’t ask for it back. I asked for...

Ashley Asti
August 10 2012

4 Remedies for Healthy & Vibrant Summer Nails

The summer sun is out which means it’s time to show a little more skin, feature those translucent pink toes in toe-peeping sandals, and glam up those...

Ashley Asti
June 2 2012

Hi, I'm Ashley and I'm an Emotional Eater

They say the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have it:

Ashley Asti
May 24 2012

My 89-Year-Old Grandma Loves Green Juice

Five foot two, wavy brown hair, adorable, opinionated, energetic, sassy, green-smoothie-drinking, and eighty-nine. I can’t stop gushing over my...

Ashley Asti
May 17 2012

I Love My Body, Therefore I Am

I love my mind. I believe in the power of thoughts. I believe that the only way to heal our planet is to change the way we think: if we re-imagine our...

Ashley Asti
May 11 2012

I am Vegan, (Don't) Hear Me Roar

I eat plants, mostly raw. Rarely do I steam, sautee, fry, or bake anything. I choose organic because I want to love my body without the chemicals. In...

Ashley Asti
May 5 2012