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Arielle Ford

How I Learned To Love My Muffin Top

Thirty years ago, I was obsessed with trying to attain physical perfection. I had this idea that if I could weigh a certain amount, have my...

Arielle Ford
April 29 2014

Big Love Is Possible For Anyone At Any Age If...

Here’s what I know for sure: finding true love is possible for anyone at any age if you’re willing to prepare yourself, on all levels, to become a...

Arielle Ford
May 31 2013

Why Do You Want A Soulmate?

Perhaps Carlos Santana has said it best, “Everything tastes better when you share it with your soulmate.”

Arielle Ford
May 24 2013

I Finally Got The Perfect Body And Guess What?

Let me tell you about the day I reached physical perfection. More than 25 years ago, while on an intense personal quest to “be perfect,” I spent hours...

Arielle Ford
January 21 2013