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Anthony Ware

3 Ways to Develop Comfort and Ease in the "Gray Areas" of Life

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you woke up and felt just kind of 'blah'? You weren't happy and you weren't sad (and you weren't in the...

Anthony Ware
November 14 2011

3 Reasons to Get Out of Your Own Way

While making breakfast this morning, I had a moment of inspiration come from a tiny piece of eggshell. I don't know which came first the chicken or...

Anthony Ware
November 2 2011

Meditation & The Art of Shaving

Have you ever cut yourself shaving? If you haven't noticed yet from my picture below, I'm bald. My baldness is by choice. No disrespect to those of...

Anthony Ware
October 26 2011

4 Ways Yoga Helps Me Love My Inner "Husky" Child

I grew up as an overweight "husky" kid that spoke "white" and got good grades. I say that as a point of reference. Although I have a healthy sense of...

Anthony Ware
October 19 2011