Andy Ramage

Andy is a former professional athlete turned oil broker who currently runs a successful business that he co-founded called Aalpha Energy, part of OTC Global Holdings, the largest independent commodities brokerage in the world.

Andy is also a master practitioner of NLP, a mindfulness-based awareness coach, and is currently studying for a master’s degree in both positive psychology and coaching psychology.

A love of well-being and peak performance led Andy to stop drinking alcohol in the face of massive social pressure. Running a brokerage in the city and "not drinking" is almost unheard of. From this experience he realized that there were probably millions of others out there desperate for a break from alcohol who could not overcome this pressure. So he wrote a book and co-founded a movement with Ruari Fairbairn’s called OneYearNoBeer a 30-, 90-, and 365-day alcohol-free challenge to change people's perception of alcohol.

Andy’s unique background, education, and experience of running OneYearNoBeer make him one of the world’s leading habit-change experts.

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