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Andi Evans

7 Simple Steps To Get Happy Now

We all want to be happy all the time, but circumstances may prevent us from singing the happy song 24/7. Sometimes we just need a reminder to give us...

Andi Evans
April 11 2013

How To Survive An Identity Crisis

Life delivers many unexpected events, some of which rattle us to our core. I know when I gave up my career in radio advertising in exchange for...

Andi Evans
March 9 2013

How A Collision Of Worlds Strengthened My Marriage

Last week my husband and I traveled across the pond to jolly ol’ London to take a course with my teacher, Dr. Robert Holden. Yes, I said, "My husband...

Andi Evans
February 26 2013

How To Find Success And Meaning In Any Job

We all strive to be successful. I mean, who doesn’t say to themselves, I want to be successful?

Andi Evans
January 31 2013

Bring It On! 3 Tips to Start Embracing Life's Challenges

We all have sad days, and we all go through challenging times. We may even feel as though we're on a treadmill, running fast to nowhere. I find that...

Andi Evans
December 4 2012

3 Things NOT to Do on Thanksgiving (And 3 Things You Should Do)

While the idea behind Thanksgiving is celebration, gratitude and love, sometimes the thought can create a pinch in our neck.

Andi Evans
November 22 2012

What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About You?

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? And what does your choice say about the real you?

Andi Evans
October 30 2012

5 Tips to Nurture Your Relationships

As much as we work on ourselves and our personal growth, nothing nourishes the soul more than sharing this with another person. So why do we take our...

Andi Evans
October 11 2012

3 Tips for Embracing Change

As we cruise through life, we are handed many unexpected turns. Those turns become challenges, and the challenges we encounter are presented to help...

Andi Evans
September 29 2012

3 Things That Stop Us From Being Happy Now

It is a huge myth that we must pursue happiness. Happiness is within us, right now. We are born happy. It is our natural state. But along the way in...

Andi Evans
September 24 2012