Ana Gonzalez Herrera

Ana Gonzalez Herrera

mbg contributor

Ana Gonzalez Herrera has had an international career in the US, London, Germany and markets worldwide heading growth & marketing for global brands in health, beauty, and personal care.

Ana suffered from stage IV Endometriosis for years and went through five surgeries. She decided this obstacle in her life would become her mission to help others and increase awareness on hormonal imbalances. Completely self-funded, she launched Hormone University earlier this year, during the Pandemic.

Hormone University’s mission is to empower us with knowledge to improve hormone health, to learn to self-care in a natural & holistic way, and advocate for ourselves. Her team works on providing research, interviewing great experts in hormonal health and fighting for social justice. She is also working on creating a natural skin care brand to support PMS & Menopause.

Ana loves her country, Spain and is resident in New York & London. She has also been named by EndoFound as Chair of the Advisory Board for patients and advocates.