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Amy Landry

6 Simple Steps to Sync Your Cycle

These days, and predominantly since the invention of electricity, our bodies could be said to be a little backwards.

Amy Landry
May 16 2012

11 Fascinating Facts About Breathing

Throughout our yoga, meditation, and pranayama practices, there is a huge emphasis on the breath. But not so often do we focus on how we breathe day...

Amy Landry
May 10 2012

5 Ayurvedic Morning Rituals to Spice Up Your Day

Starting the day right can have an amazing affect on your general state of well-being. The science of Ayurveda is a never-ending journey into ancient...

Amy Landry
May 3 2012

My 10 Favorite Quotes From the Dalai Lama During His Recent Visit to Australia

Earlier this year I'd booked two tickets for my husband and I to see His Holiness share his words of wisdom. I was fortunate enough to be one of more...

Amy Landry
June 23 2011

Polygamist Yogi

Just call me the MindBodyGreen virgin. Well that’s what ran through my mind when it was suggested I submit for the site. So many people whom I admire...

Amy Landry
May 26 2011