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Amy Ippoliti

A Yogi's Guide to Thanksgiving

Yogis and yoginis are no strangers to gratitude. As the holidays approach, it’s natural to want to extend your yoga lifestyle into all the activities...

Amy Ippoliti
November 20 2012

Let Yoga Help You Never Do That Silly Thing Again

Self Inquiry. Evolve yourself. Have you heard these words spoken in yoga class and wondered what these concepts actually mean?

Amy Ippoliti
November 13 2012

How to Go Raw, Zen Style

If you’re a raw food foodie like me, you will be pleased to know that the raw lifestyle that has been keeping enthusiasts healthy, bright, and radiant...

Amy Ippoliti
August 15 2012

Break-ups ROCK!

I read the following quote recently and cringed a little: "Show up as who you'd like to become, not as who you've been" ~ Unknown

Amy Ippoliti
July 14 2011