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Amy Clover

A 5-Minute Exercise To Help Ease Depression

When depression hits, you may be able to hide it from people around you, but you can’t run away from the depression itself. It can zap any semblance...

Amy Clover
August 24 2015

9 Ways To Make Your Workout Suck Less

If you’re dragging your butt to the gym with a classic case of the I-don't-wannas every time you work out, you're probably not being consistent with...

Amy Clover
June 11 2015

3 No-Brainer Tips To Lift & Strengthen Your Glutes

Thanks to our sedentary lifestyles, the muscle fibers in our booties often stop functioning the way they're meant to. Many of the most active people...

Amy Clover
February 23 2015

3 Habits That May Be Keeping You Depressed

Depression is quite common, affecting around 10% of U.S. adults; that's just what's reported. The numbers might lead some to believe that because it's...

Amy Clover
November 21 2014

Transform Your Yoga Practice (And Your Body!) With Sprints

When you’re a yogi, you don’t usually think about other types of workouts.

Amy Clover
April 17 2014