11 Articles by Amber Scriven, M.S., LAc

Amber Scriven, M.S., LAc

Natural Ways To Ease The Pain Of Tendonitis

Tendonitis in the arm crops up for many people, and they may not know how to treat it beyond prescriptions, surgery and bodywork like massage and...

Amber Scriven, M.S., LAc
January 16 2013

9 Reasons You Need More Olives In Your Life

Holding an olive branch is an age-old symbol of peace, but did you know that olives themselves can calm and create peace in the nervous system?

Amber Scriven, M.S., LAc
December 18 2012

8 Natural Ways to Stay More Alert and Improve Your Memory

If you are struggling with a drop in alertness, attention span, or memory retention, you may want to try some of these natural remedies:

Amber Scriven, M.S., LAc
November 26 2012

What Is Acupuncture and What Can It Do For Me?

I am an acupuncturist. Typically when I tell someone that I stick needles in people for a living they pause, raise one, or both of their eyebrows, and...

Amber Scriven, M.S., LAc
November 5 2012

Eat Your Pumpkin! 9 Reasons Why It's Good For You

Pumpkin carving is lots of fun but did you know it can be the starting point for a healthy snack, too?

Amber Scriven, M.S., LAc
October 30 2012

4 Health Perks Of Lotus & Reverse Prayer

From an acupuncture perspective lotus pose (Padmasana) is one of the best poses for the mind and the body. Add in a reverse prayer (Pashchima...

Amber Scriven, M.S., LAc
September 18 2012

6 Habits to Ensure a Great Night's Sleep

Making your snooze time more healthy is a plight that many of us struggle with at one time or another. No matter how insignificant you feel your sleep...

Amber Scriven, M.S., LAc
September 12 2012

Why Ginseng Is the Ultimate Body Booster

Ginseng is a well-known herb that looks like a twisted little old man, but makes you feel like a smooth skinned 20-year-old. It’s twiney appearance...

Amber Scriven, M.S., LAc
August 10 2012

4 Yoga Poses That Pair Perfectly with Acupuncture

Ever wondered if blending acupuncture and yoga would be a benefit? Here’s what certain yoga poses are doing to help your acupuncture treatments!

Amber Scriven, M.S., LAc
August 3 2012

7 Natural Tricks to Heal a Stiff Neck

How many times have you woken up unable to move your neck? What is it that we are doing while we sleep that makes us feel as though we slept pushed up...