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Allison Dryja

How I Overcame Emotional Eating & Embraced Self-Love

"Women are nourished in so many more ways than food, although many of us have forgotten what truly makes us feel full."

Allison Dryja
July 31 2016

How To Tap Into Your Intuition (Even If You Have No Idea Where To Start)

I used to be completely out of touch with my intuition. I didn’t know how to hear it, I didn’t trust it when I did, or I was too scared to listen...

Allison Dryja
October 21 2015

8 Ways To Stop Emotional Eating In Its Tracks

For most of my life, I struggled with my body. I always thought I had to be thinner and more attractive, and my body never seemed to cooperate. For...

Allison Dryja
September 22 2015

6 Food-Shaming Behaviors We All Need To Stop

There’s no one-size-fits-all diet, and it’s time to stop judging others for what they put into their bodies. This was a hard lesson for me to learn as...

Allison Dryja
July 31 2015

10 Signs You Truly Love Your Body

The thing I’ve struggled most with in my life has been living in my body. I’ve had every kind of eating disorder, tried more diets than I can count...

Allison Dryja
July 3 2015

How To Reconnect With Your Body To Know How Powerful You Really Are

For years, there was no term for "emotional eating." But now that we know what's really going on — we feel unsafe, deprived and out of our bodies — we...

Allison Dryja
June 17 2015

How To Stop Emotional Eating & Reclaim Your Relationship With Food

If you ever want to emotionally eat, spend, or drink, just remember: You react compulsively when you're scared. Scared to make moves in your life that...

Allison Dryja
June 3 2015

How To Be A Sexy, Confident Woman Who Owns Her Pleasure

It’s remarkable how many women don’t allow themselves to feel the fullness of their pleasure, as they’ve been taught from an early age that pleasure —...

Allison Dryja
May 8 2015

Why You Should Stop Listening To Your Rational Mind & Follow Your Heart

Your heart doesn't want you to play it safe. It doesn't approach life with rational logic. Your heart wants to move boldly into the unknown. It wants...

Allison Dryja
February 19 2015

Can't Get No Satisfaction? Actually, You Can

When I quit my corporate job and started working for myself, I thought my life would be perfect.

Allison Dryja
December 11 2014

Try These Powerful Tools To Stop Emotional Eating

Tips to stop emotional eating for good, and actually enjoy what you're eating.

Allison Dryja
October 5 2014

7 Tips To Make A Smoothie That Doesn't Have A Ton Of Sugar

Smoothies are a great way to pack in tons nutrients into one delicious drink. The bad news is, all the fruit can add up to a lot of sugar. An apple...

Allison Dryja
August 19 2014