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Ali Katz

Want To Be Happier? Be More Selfish. (Seriously.)

If you feel like you're failing at everything, you probably need to be a little more selfish (seriously).

Ali Katz
August 1 2017

5 Life-Changing Habits I Practice So I Don't Overeat

During the holidays, I used to eat until my stomach hurt and I had to secretly unbutton my pants, and then I felt guilty and fed up with myself...

Ali Katz
November 5 2015

How A Smartphone Can Make You More Mindful (Seriously!)

We all have intentions to be mindful throughout the day, but then life happens and we get distracted and can easily lose our momentum. Emergencies pop...

Ali Katz
October 14 2015

5 Mini Meditations You Can Do In 1 Minute

As a meditation teacher, I've heard every excuse under the sun as to why people can’t meditate.

Ali Katz
April 29 2015