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Alexandra Franzen

6 Ways To Get Control Of Your Email Inbox (Before It Controls You!)

Guess how much time you’re going to spend responding to emails this year?

Alexandra Franzen
June 11 2014

The 5 People You Forgot To Thank (Until Now)

Writing thank you notes has become a full-throttle addiction for me. And no, I don’t need a 12-Step program. Just more blank postcards, purple pens,...

Alexandra Franzen
September 19 2013

How To Say No To A Second Date (And Still Make Everyone Feel Great)

Ok, friends. It's time for the story of my Most Awkward First Date Ever.

Alexandra Franzen
July 10 2013

How To Get What You Want (And Earn Karmic Bonus Points!)

As someone who strings words together for a living, I’m fascinated by the art of compassionate communication: writing (or speaking) in a way that...

Alexandra Franzen
June 7 2013

3 Ways To Speak Your Truth Without Blowing Your Lid

We all know someone who’s got “the gift of the golden tongue.” No matter what kinds of words are tumbling from their lips — a wedding toast, a...

Alexandra Franzen
May 20 2013

How To Stick To Your NO When People Keep Pushing

You did it. You took a deep breath, collected your thoughts, considered your options and said the bravest two-letter word in the English language: No.

Alexandra Franzen
May 16 2013

How To Deliver Criticism Without Breaking Anyone’s Heart

Criticism. Even just looking at the word makes me feel timid and small.

Alexandra Franzen
May 7 2013