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This Collagen Powder Is So Good "I'm On My Third Round" Says A Reviewer

If you're looking for a collagen supplement—we understand there are a lot to choose from. But there's a reason folks keep coming back to this formula....

If You Have Frizzy Waves & Flat Roots, You're Going To Want To Read This

If you want lush, springy curls and soft, touchable waves—you need the right shampoo and conditioner combo.

This Juicy Summertime Scent Is An Instant, Lavish Vacation

Ellis Brooklyn's Sun Fruit is a juicy floral that's dreamy and aspirational, like a summer vacation you've waited all year for.

Can Soil Health Change Your Skin? The Connection May Surprise You

On a trip to Costa Rica, I saw regenerative farming in action—as well as the thriving land, crop, and community it produced. Here, what I learned.

Why You Should Care About Ingredient Transparency & Beauty "Shaming"

For a statement that will surprise no one: Ingredient lists on beauty and personal care products are confusing.

A 1-Second Trick To Identify Your Signature Feature (Because Everybody Has One)

Social media has an obsession with self-identification. But sometimes, finding what you love about you is very simple.

The Hack That Made Meditation 10x Easier For Me (Because You Know It's Hard)

I think finding ritual is a vital part of a more mindful life. And while meditation is in itself a ritual, sometimes I need a mini ritual on top of...

This Dreamy Pillow Mist Will Be Your New Favorite Addition To Your Nightstand

We encourage you to be thoughtful about how you unwind. One way is through an aromatherapy-inspired linen mist, like mbg's dream mist.