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A How-To Guide For Setting Clear & Firm Financial Boundaries

One type of boundary that's incredibly important to learn about and to establish is financial boundaries. Here, all you need to know.

Alexandra Engler
February 17

Tips For Healthy Skin Aging, From A Regenerative Dermatologist

Some of the most exciting areas of innovation in beauty are through regenerative dermatology and skin care. Here, some tips.

Alexandra Engler
February 14

This Favorite Ingredient Is Shockingly Good For Dark Spots

If you have sensitive skin, it can be a struggle to find products that help fade dark spots—without triggering more inflammation. How sensitive skin...

Alexandra Engler
February 12

How To Treat Dark Spots, Fine Lines & Crepiness On Hands

The skin on your hands often is the first to show lack of moisture, sensitivity, and yes, aging. Here, hand creams that will help.

Alexandra Engler
February 11

Add This To Your Coffee For A Decadent Chocolate Flavor (Sans Sugar)

This simple addition adds a hit of flavor, not to mention skin benefits.

Alexandra Engler
February 9

5 Signs Your Skin Care Routine Is Aging You Faster

The road to inflammation is often paved with good intentions.

Alexandra Engler
February 9

How Dr. Barbara Sturm Manages Inflammation In The Skin

Chronic and heightened inflammation in the skin is the root cause of many of the complexion concerns folks experience. Here, 3 tips for managing it.

Alexandra Engler
February 7

The Best Lip Balms All Have This One Thing In Common

Here, the inside scoop on finding a daily lip balm that will actually keep your lips hydrated all day long by using these ingredients.

Alexandra Engler
February 5

3 Skin Care Secrets From Traditional Chinese Medicine

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, I chat with Sandra Chiu, L.A., MSTCM, about how she cares for her own skin care habits.

Alexandra Engler
January 31

These Masks Promise Brighter Skin & A Collagen Boost — So What's The Deal?

Here, you'll learn all about the benefits of LED light therapy masks, how to pick one that will work for you, and the absolute best masks to pick...

Alexandra Engler
January 30

This Surprising Ingredient is A+ For Hydrated, Plump Lips

By all accounts, amped-up lip care is having something of a moment.

Alexandra Engler
January 29

3 Easy Ways To Avoid & Treat Dark Spots On Your Hands

Dark spots (also called age spots or sun spots) are one of the most common skin care concerns for folks 30-plus. Here, how to deal with them on your...

Alexandra Engler
January 27

3 Things A Trichologist Wishes You'd Stop Doing (It's Hurting Hair Growth!)

Here, we dive into hair loss, regrowth, and how to actually care for your scalp on a daily basis.

Alexandra Engler
January 24

3 Little Ways To Keep Skin Plump & Restore Collagen

"Plumpness" and "firmness" may seem like competing skin care goals, but in reality they're just two sides of the same skin care coin.

Alexandra Engler
January 20

For A Much-Needed Wellness Getaway, Check Out This Hot Spot

Perhaps one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited, Lisbon has topped my personal list of recommended destinations.

Alexandra Engler
January 19