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There Are 7 Different Types Of Hugs: Here's The Meaning Behind Each One

Can a hug tell you about the state of your relationship?

Abby Moore
December 20 2020

Why Am I So Horny? 9 Causes Of High Libido, In Case You're Curious

While low libido is a cause for concern for many people, others may wonder why their libido is always so high. Overall, libido is an incredibly...

Abby Moore
December 17 2020

How Soy May Ease Menopause Symptoms + A Simple Tofu Masala Recipe To Try

The potential health benefits of soy and a recipe to enjoy them.

Abby Moore
December 16 2020

6 Uplifting Ways To Cope With Isolation During The Holidays

Because the holidays alone may be harder than ever this year.

Abby Moore
December 12 2020