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Packing For A Trip This Long Weekend? 5 Wellness Essentials, Editor-Approved

We asked the experts—aka mindbodygreen editors—what to bring on a long weekend.

Alexandra Engler
May 22 2019

No Plans On Memorial Day? Here Are 7 Ideas For A Mindful Staycation

Long weekend ahead and you forgot to book a trip? Get the most out of your say at home.

Alexandra Engler
May 21 2019

What No One Tells You About Traveling Cross-Country With Your Dog

These few tricks keep us both happy and healthy in between the miles!

Sam Talbot
March 13 2019

The Best Healthy Travel Tips We Heard In 2018 (Just In Time For The Holiday Scramble)

What supplement to take, what to start your mornings with, and more.

Emma Loewe
December 21 2018

6 Things You Should Never, Ever Do When You Travel — From Someone Who Basically Lives On The Road

Remember, airplanes are in the transportation business—not the health food business!

Sara Quiriconi
November 17 2018

The 10 Anxiety-Eliminating Products I ALWAYS Travel With

I've racked up hundreds of thousands of miles—and trust me, these always work.

Liz Moody
November 15 2018