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14 Tips for Starting Your Own Yoga Business

Tips from entrepreneurs on starting a business.

Karen Fabian
October 19 2011

What Does 'Doing Yoga' Really Mean?

Understanding the difference between your physical and spiritual practices.

Nadine Fawell
October 17 2011

5 Backbending Tips - In Acronym Form!

Five pointers that have helped me approach a back-bend.

Rebecca Ketchum
October 11 2011

Breaking the Rules: 11 Thoughts That Make Yoga Your Own

Reflecting on what I've learned through Tara and Tao Porchon-Lynch (and her uniquely useful perspective on changes in yoga over the last 30 years),...

Michael Taylor
October 5 2011

Q & A with Miranda Kerr: Yoga, Organics & Wellness

Miranda talks about everything from her wellness journey, yoga practice, passion for organics, spirituality (including Louise Hay), and more.

Jason Wachob
September 8 2011

Journey Through Yoga Guilt

Realizing that the word "practice" has no deadline, no destination.

Erin Lewis
September 1 2011

Super-Easy Yoga Mat Cleaning

An easy and natural way to clean your yoga mat.

Heidi Kristoffer
August 30 2011

7 Tips for Selecting a Yoga Teacher Training

A few things to consider before choosing a teacher training.

Karen Fabian
August 25 2011

Playing Hide and Seek with Your Inner Teacher

We Westerners love doing. Our culture rewards it -- lauding those who log the most billable hours; making "keeping busy" a valued response to one of...

Lisa Munger
August 24 2011

Watermelon Salad

A hydrating and delicious salad for the summer.

Tiffany Cruikshank
August 17 2011

Raw Tomato Basil Soup

Make it in a pinch and eat it on the go.

Kathryn Budig
August 16 2011