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Turn Your Home Into A Functional Gym With These Pieces Of Workout Gear

No gym? No problem.

#pilates #yoga #flexibility #hiit
Kristine Thomason
February 15 2023

How To Calm The Mind's Restlessness & Enhance Awareness With Yoga

If you think, feel, and act from a deeper level of awareness, everything you would like to control can take care of itself.

#yoga #Purpose
Deepak Chopra
February 8 2023

A Celeb Yoga Teacher Spills Her Favorite Supplement For A+ Sleep — Sans Hormones

It bottles up the feeling of a savasana.

#sleep #mbgsupplements #yoga #stress
Emma Loewe
January 26 2023

Feeling Stuck? Here's How To Reframe The Inner Narratives Holding You Back

When your core beliefs are wrong and misguided, trouble is always brewing—if not today, then in some worrisome future.

#Mental fitness #yoga
Deepak Chopra
January 25 2023

The Truth Behind Workout-Induced Breakouts, From Dermatologists

Workout-induced breakouts suck, but can they be stopped?

#skin care #acne #running #yoga #stress
Hannah Frye
January 25 2023

Just Started A Fitness Routine? Here's What That Means For Your Skin

Everything is skin care—exercise included.

#Beauty Breakdown #skin care #hair #yoga #stress
Alexandra Engler
January 23 2023

How To Live Consciously & Compassionately, According To Deepak Chopra

The yoga part of Royal Yoga needs a little clarification at the outset. The basic Sanskrit word yoga simply means "to yoke, join, or unite" (the...

#yoga #energy
Deepak Chopra
January 18 2023

Yoga vs. Stretching: New Science Says One Is Better For Well-Being

Something to consider the next time you grab your mat.

#news #yoga #stress #Heart #Blood Sugar
Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
January 8 2023

I Had Extreme Burnout & Anxiety — This Ancient Practice Changed Everything

Ultimately, the intersection of science and spirituality gave me solace.

#Invisible Illness #Mental fitness #yoga
Manoj Dias
December 31 2022

Support Your Well-Being With Can’t-Miss Sales From Alo, Solawave, Loftie & More

Ready, set, save (+ stay healthy while you're at it).

#running #yoga #sleep
Carleigh Ferrante
November 25 2022

Kick PMS Symptoms To The Curb With This Juicy Yoga Sequence

Let that tension melt away.

#yoga #healthy period
Sierra Hollister, E-RYT 500
November 2 2022

Strengthen Your Core & Improve Your Posture — With One Single Move

And it's modifiable to suit any skill level.

#Strength Training #yoga #mbg moves
Sarah Regan
October 14 2022

I'm A Yoga Teacher & This Is The Yoga Mat I've Sworn By For Years

Your hands will never slip again.

Sarah Regan
September 29 2022

This Yoga Pose Is Perfect For Melting Away Stress & Tension Before Bed

Or anytime you need it, really.

#yoga #stress
Sarah Regan
September 27 2022

11 Tension-Releasing Leg Stretches, According To Our Top Trainers

Your lower body will thank you!

#mbg moves #Home Workout #yoga
Merrell Readman
September 19 2022

11 Steamy Yoga Exercises To Raise Your Heart Rate & Challenge Your Strength

Brace yourself for this one.

#yoga #mbg moves #Home Workout
Merrell Readman
August 29 2022

This Grippy Yoga Mat Never Slips While I'm Working Out & It's Only $35

Made from nontoxic material? I'm sold!

#yoga #Home Workout #hiit
Merrell Readman
August 21 2022

12 Rejuvenating Exercises To Stretch Your Back & Improve Your Posture

You'll be standing up straighter in no time.

#mbg moves #yoga
Merrell Readman
August 15 2022

A 10-Minute Yoga Flow To Build Full-Body Strength & Flexibility

More energizing than your morning coffee.

#yoga #gratitude
Kassandra Reinhardt
August 13 2022