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11 Seated Yoga Poses That Are Simple & *Seriously* Effective

Seated yoga postures are excellent for yogis of all skill levels.

Sarah Regan
October 16 2021

Work Your Core & Lengthen Your Spine With One Simple Yoga Pose

It's a staple in yoga classes for a reason.

Sarah Regan
October 6 2021

Feeling Burnt Out? Try This Yoga Flow To Relieve Stress & Restore Ease

For whenever you need to take a break from the world.

Emily Chen
September 27 2021

Ditch Back Tightness With This 14-Minute Spine-Stretching Yoga Flow

Get ready to feel ease and gooeyness in your spine.

Emily Chen
September 20 2021

Is Your Posture A Mess? Try This Beginner-Friendly Back Stretch

Backbends help keep your spine healthy and flexible.

Sarah Regan
September 17 2021

This Ridiculously Satisfying Stretch Warms Up Your Spine & Relieves Back Pain

You may have done this pose before, but are you doing it properly?

Sarah Regan
September 10 2021

8 Best Yoga Shorts That Offer Comfort & Support From Downward Dog To Savasana

For when the classic waist-to-ankle legging is feeling a bit... much.

Kristine Thomason
August 31 2021