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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Yoga Service

Yoga service, defined as the act of giving yoga to underserved populations, is increasing exponentially as yogis are experiencing the healing effects...

Thais Guimaraes
June 14 2012

Why Exercise Won't Help You Lose Weight

The veil has been lifted on the fat free craze (thank you Michael Pollan), fad diets are losing steam (bye bye South Beach Diet, hello natural foods),...

Tara Stiles
June 13 2012

Balancing Your Yang (Hot) Yoga Practice with Yin

It was a few years ago, when I started a near-daily hot (Yang) yoga practice – then, a combination of Ashtanga, Bikram, and power yoga – that I...

Marina Chetner
June 11 2012

10 Must-Read Books for Yogis

While there are many powerful and well-circulated ‘yoga books’ that get used and reused for teacher trainings and programs, as well as self-knowledge,...

Derek Beres
June 8 2012

Yoga Teaching: Where Beastie Boys, Blogs & Bartenders Collide

Since graduating from my first yoga teacher training a little over a year ago, I’ve learned that yoga teachers must acquire an amalgam of skills,...

Elizabeth Rowan
June 7 2012

10 Tips for Teaching Yoga to All Levels

Given yoga’s popularity, it’s very common for classes to have a “mixed experience” group, in terms of their exposure to yoga. While many studios have...

Karen Fabian
June 6 2012

Why We Should All Remain Yoga Beginners

I am often asked what it takes to be a yoga teacher. What is sufficient training and how do you know when you are ready to teach. These are the right...

Heather Morton
June 1 2012

10 Tips for Translating Yoga into Wellness Lessons

Over the past year, I’ve developed a number of presentations focused on wellness. I’ve presented in a number of business settings, including...

Karen Fabian
May 26 2012

3 Ways a Yoga Teacher Training Can Change Your Life

Moving to a new city can be a daunting feat. New job, new home, new friends, new everything! In the hustle and bustle of re-locating, we often...

Rachel Fahlman
May 18 2012

5 Things You Should Know About Your Yoga Teaching Career

One of the modules in my Teacher Mentorship Program, Resume Creation and Marketing, helps teachers define what they might put on their yoga resume or...

Karen Fabian
May 15 2012

How to Stay Motivated as a Yoga Teacher

Ever drag your pedicured yogi toes to the studio to teach as if you had a lead ball attached to each toenail? Or had those days when you just can’t...

Jennifer Reed
May 9 2012

5 Ways Teaching Yoga Made Me a Better Student

There are some things that take time to learn. It took me being a yoga instructor to learn how to be a yoga student. I always took my practice...

Maria De Noda
May 8 2012

11 Tips for Finding & Booking Corporate Yoga Classes

I’ve spent a large part of this week confirming the payment details for a new series of classes I’ll be teaching this summer. While it’s taken a...

Karen Fabian
May 7 2012

5 Tips to Get Your Yoga Studio Booming

Do you dream of opening up your own yoga studio someday? Or maybe you already own one? If so, then you'll want to read this:)

Hope Zvara
May 2 2012

6 Steps for Choosing the Right Yoga/Pilates School

Finding a certification program for mind/body exercise is very similar to finding the right instructor. You have to search for what/whom works for...

Nicola Yvette
May 1 2012

The Art of Assisting Asana: 10 Guidelines for Yogis

The role of assisting a yoga class is a subtle art based on touch, intuition and service. Often teachers, sometimes with years of experience, offer...

Jennifer Vafakos
April 30 2012

10 Tips for Teaching Yoga in a Corporate Setting

One of the wonderful things about yoga in today’s modern world is that it has made its way out of the studios and is taught in a variety of settings....

Karen Fabian
April 27 2012

5 Tips to Make You a Top-Notch Yoga Teacher

Do you want to be the best yoga teacher you can possibly be? Here are five simple tips to help:

Hope Zvara
April 17 2012

4 Themes to Build Into Your Yoga Class

While many yoga teachers stick to a fairly regular sequence from class to class, there are always opportunities to build in a focus on a central...

Karen Fabian
April 16 2012