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How I Got Out of My Yoga Rut

I didn’t even know that I was in a rut until I moved across the country. I was introduced to yoga and did my teacher training in San Francisco, one of...

Lisa Horvath
October 10 2012

10 Ways Yoga Teachers Can Connect to Their Class

As yoga teachers, we sometimes get in the habit of assessing the class we just taught. Wow, that was a great class! or, Boy, that really stunk! 

Karen Fabian
October 4 2012

7 Ways to Beat a Yoga Teaching Rut

If you have been teaching yoga for a while, it is very easy to find yourself in a rut: teaching the same poses, using the same language class after...

Damla Bozkurt Akteki
October 1 2012

Jill Miller: Unlocking the Power of Your Core

Jill Miller is a fitness expert with more than 26 years of experience in the moving arts of yoga, modern dance, Pilates, bodywork, and shiatsu. She is...

Eva Norlyk Smith
September 29 2012

How to Make It as a Yoga Instructor

Lately there’s been a lot of press on how difficult it is to “make it” as a yoga instructor. Unfortunately, even some of the most popular instructors...

Adrienne Kimberley
September 28 2012

5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Yoga Teacher Training Program

If I had a dollar for every time a yoga student or friend of a friend asked me where they should do their yoga teacher training, I’d be teaching...

Marietta McEvilly
September 27 2012

How I Came to Teach 25 Yoga Privates a Week

I was 22-years-old. I had just moved to New York City to be a dancer and had finished a 200-hour teaching training program at the wonderful OM Yoga...

Francesca Cervero
September 26 2012

What Does Yoga Teacher Training Really Entail?

Not too long ago I was asking this very question. I’d experienced some amazing teachers, many while under various bouts of stress in college, while...

Dani Marie Robinson
September 24 2012

10 Components of a Yoga Teaching Plan

When you start out as a new yoga teacher, there are a lot of moving parts with which you’re unfamiliar. The sequence, how to describe each pose,...

Karen Fabian
September 18 2012

Lessons on Lightness & Joy from Judith Lasater

Judith Hanson Lasater, one of yoga’s pioneering women, took her first yoga class at the local YMCA in 1971 and fell in love. Ten months later, her...

Andrea Marcum
September 16 2012

Listening to Your Body vs. Guilt: The Yoga Teacher's Dilemma

As yoga teachers, many of us spend quite a bit of time encouraging our students to listen to their body. This shows up in various ways -- from...

Anna Guest-Jelley
September 7 2012

5 Post-Yoga Teacher Training Lessons

Fresh out of your first yoga teacher training? Here are five things you should know:

Haleigh Forbes
September 5 2012

How I Found the Unlikeliest Teacher

Have you fallen out of a regular yoga practice?

Leigh Khoo
September 4 2012

Can't Do a Headstand? You're Still Good at Yoga!

Inversions are not everything, but some people sure act like they are, and this thinking can be damaging – especially to beginner students.

Lachrista Greco
September 2 2012

To Teach Or Not To Teach...Is That The Question?

Well, here I stand at this crossroads in my life. I’m not getting any younger, and I am still of an age where long distant travel and exciting...

Stuart Adamson
August 30 2012

5 Rules of Etiquette for Yoga Teachers

As our community of yoga teachers continues to grow, it is increasingly important we work together in ways that respect our differences while...

Lauren Eckstrom
August 28 2012

6 Ways to Be a Superb Sub

For a new yoga teacher, subbing can be a great way to gain experience, meet new students, and establish a relationship with a studio. But let’s face...

Alexis Marbach
August 21 2012

5 More Steps to Help Yoga Teachers Earn a Living

In my last article, “5 Steps to Help Yoga Teachers Earn a Living,” I presented five steps that you can implement to help you set your rate for...

Karen Fabian
August 20 2012

6 Tips for Teaching Private Yoga Classes

Are you a yoga teacher (or aspiring teacher) who wants to teach privates? You'll want to check out these tips:

Hope Zvara
August 17 2012

Yoga Teachers: Just Be Yourself

It’s 10 am, and the air is so thick with humidity I could swim through it. I can still hear the low slow symphony of clicks and ribbits outside even...

Erin Motz
August 9 2012