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What I Learned Teaching Yoga At A Halfway House

Still very new to this yoga-teaching-thing, I found my first paying gig at a halfway house for newly recovering addicts and alcoholics. They are fresh...

Caroline Burau
December 3 2013

10 Weekly Habits To Stay On Top Of Your Yoga Business

Feel like you’re short on time to focus on the things that’ll grow your yoga business? You're not alone. As a single business owner, you’re constantly...

Karen Fabian
November 15 2013

Why Yoga Is A Spiritual Practice

If you come to the practice of yoga looking only for pleasure, yoga will eventually disappoint you. Sooner or later, you'll get bored with the...

Kino MacGregor
November 11 2013

My Life Is Half Yoga, Half Cubicle

As much as it often pains me to admit it, I am but a humble employee of corporate America. I live in New York City, I have bills and rent and well, I...

Andrea Rice
October 24 2013

How To Open Those Hips (Video)

The hamstrings are the gateway to the hips and they are one of the easiest areas of the body to open. A relatively simple external rotation such as a...

Kino MacGregor
October 19 2013

11 Lessons I've Learned From Running My Own Yoga Business

I just passed the three-year anniversary of running my yoga business. Although I’ve been teaching since 2002, I created a brand name, Bare Bones Yoga,...

Karen Fabian
October 11 2013

Yoga Poses: To Demo Or Not To Demo?

Today a woman yelled at me in the middle of teaching a gentle yoga class. She was upset that I wasn't demonstrating. She informed me that she felt I...

Lauren Rudick
September 4 2013

How To Be Happy When You Don't Have Everything You Want

We live in a world that prioritizes driving a fancy car, going out to expensive dinners and filling your house with stuff. But one thing I've realized...

Mandy Burstein
September 3 2013

Oh, The Delusions I Had About Becoming a Yoga Teacher!

I’d been practicing yoga for a little over two years when the idea of teacher training started to creep into my thoughts. I’d fallen head over heels...

Alex Ash
July 17 2013

10 Ways To Get Back On Track When Teaching Yoga

Ever taught a yoga class and and gotten flustered? Maybe someone asked an unexpected question, or complained loudly about the heat, or pushed you away...

Karen Fabian
July 15 2013

Sweet! How I Nailed Teaching My First Yoga Class

The day was imminent, and I was not happy about it. When I get nervous about something, I get grouchy. I don’t want to talk about it, or be around...

Rebecca Seed
July 11 2013

Where Are All The Students? What To Do When Your Yoga Class Is Empty

It's inevitable. You will show up to the studio all bright eyed and ready to teach. You'll set your props up at the front of the studio, get your...

Leslie Schipper
June 23 2013

10 Themes To Focus On When Teaching Yoga

Sometimes, at the beginning of class, teachers will ask their students to “set an intention for your practice.” But as a teacher, do you set an...

Karen Fabian
June 11 2013

Being Uncomfortable Is The Key To Growth

It’s nice to be comfortable. You know what you're getting into, and you don’t need to expect many surprises or fear the unknown. The question is,...

Brigitte Meinders
June 9 2013

If I Never Teach a Yoga Class, I’ll Still Be Glad I Did Teacher Training

I completed yoga teacher training through YogaWorks in December of last year. I still haven’t taught a public class. And I’m okay with that.

Rebecca Seed
June 6 2013

How Yoga Gave My Ego A Smackdown

In 1992, I watched Kristi Yamaguchi win the Olympic gold medal in figure skating. I was 11 years old. That night I told my mother I wanted to start...

Rebecca Seed
May 16 2013

10 Tips To Giving Great Yoga Assists

For a beginning teacher or a teacher in training, assisting a yoga class is an invaluable experience. It affords the opportunity to practice observing...

Nicole D’Andrea
May 15 2013

10 Ways To Land A Job As A Yoga Teacher

I recently finished my training and have been lucky enough to land a few teaching jobs. Lots of my fellow teacher trainees have been asking what I've...

Nicole D’Andrea
May 10 2013