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The Yoga Cell Phone Conversation

By now the story of a Facebook yoga teacher was fired for glaring at a cell phone-wielding employee has made the rounds. This story has rumpled many...

Derek Beres
July 15 2012

Shift Happens

It is perfectly ok to admit—out loud, even—that everything is not OK. Things change. The honeymoon ends. Strong feelings fade, transform. Paths cross,...

Daniel Scott
July 12 2012

4 Yogic Lessons to Transform Your Food Habits

I’ve often noticed that when we’re ready to embark on positive changes in our diets and health habits, feeling overwhelmed can set us back, and we...

Lynn Goodwin
July 7 2012

Yoga as a Sport & The Olympic Games

"A thought is an arrow shot at the truth; it can hit a point, but not cover the whole target. But the archer is too well satisfied with his success to...

Marina Chetner
June 29 2012

Wildfire, Tapas, and the Pain of Transformation

If you live in the American southwest, or any other tinder-dry area of the world, you understand that there is always an unrelenting and ghostlike...

Jill Lawson
June 28 2012

5 Things Yoga Has Taught Me in My 20s

As a 20-something yoga student, instructor, and enthusiast, a recent college graduate, and soon-to-be graduate student, I can confidently say I still...

Francesca Budesheim
June 23 2012

Gaze in the Direction and Open Your Perspective

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world and I love to find local yoga studios to take class. Wherever I go, I’m open to all styles, levels and...

Gigi Yogini
June 23 2012

Summer Solstice Yoga: Creating Your Best Life

Remember when we were kids and we’d come back from summer vacation and present our best version of, “What I Did This Summer?” Saying yes to...

Silvia Mordini
June 20 2012

Yoga Helped Me Love Myself, Just As I Am

Recently I went on a trip to the beach where my family has had a modest time-share since before I was born. The ocean is beyond therapeutic for me,...

Dani Marie Robinson
June 7 2012

How Yoga Saved My Life

Much of my life has been as an addict. And many of us on some level are all addicts. But for others their addiction becomes who they are, their...

Hope Zvara
June 7 2012

Visualize Your Way to Healing

Many of us are on a journey, but how many know our destination? In the healing process it is imperative to hold a vision and goal for ourselves in...

Michael Blahut
May 29 2012

What Does Ahimsa Really Mean?

I’ve been trying to expand my yoga practice off the mat and pay closer attention to the yamas and niyamas, which make up the first and second of...

Gabriella Horowitz
May 29 2012

What Spiritual Path Are You On?

If only we could say honestly and without shame, “I engage spirituality as a hobby,” or “I want a spiritual practice that will give me some peace of...

Mariana Caplan
May 26 2012

4 Yoga Myths - Debunked!

I hear any number of reasons why people have trepidation stepping into a yoga studio and onto their mats. Trying something new, especially one with...

Dani Marie Robinson
May 18 2012

Eyes Wide Open – The Path of Discernment

I was nineteen years old and in my sophomore year of college in Ann Arbor, Michigan, when I finally learned there was such a thing as a spiritual...

Mariana Caplan
May 17 2012

5 Awesome Non-Traditional Yoga Books for Yogis

As a yoga teacher, some of my favorite questions to receive from students center around the philosophy of yoga, the spirit practice, which is the...

Dani Marie Robinson
May 15 2012

The Battle with Self-Doubt in Yoga

There comes a point in the journey of yoga when the questions of 'why' am I practicing and 'if' the postures of yoga are worthwhile surface...

Heather Morton
May 3 2012

A Lesson in Letting Go

We flow and grow through life; offering, receiving, learning and growing as we go. Chapters end and new ones begin. Circumstances present themselves...

Cat O'Connor
May 3 2012

20 Life Changing Books on My Shelf

I’ve been a fervent reader since high school and have collected the opinions and perspectives of a variety of authors and experts over the years. I...

Gigi Yogini
May 3 2012

5 Words I've Removed From My Yoga Vocabulary

The language used during a yoga class is one of the most important aspects of teaching. This encompasses everything from intonation and volume to...

Derek Beres
May 1 2012