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5 Poses To Take Your Yoga Practice Up A Notch

After practicing yoga for a while, no matter how devoted you are to a style or practice, your body and mind need a change to continue to gain...

Jessi Andricks
September 20 2015

7 Invigorating Yoga Poses to Sweat Your Asana Off

Sweating your asana off is wonderful — but you should be conscious of why you’re doing it. Beyond the physical, yoga can help us in our resolve to...

Ally Hamilton
September 12 2015

5 Yoga Poses To Open Your Throat Chakra + Express Your Truth

The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) is the fifth of the seven energy centers within the subtle body, associated with communication and consciousness, and...

10 Yoga Moves To Get Your Summer Sweat On

Why is it that all these “get you bikini ready for summer” tips always have to do with getting the perfect beach body or showing off your shoulders in...

Lauren Rudick
July 23 2015

4 Yoga Moves To Release Tension In Your Neck & Shoulders

Sitting at a desk, staying connected to your phone, commuting back and forth, hauling bags and kids, constantly stressing, and poor sleep quality are...

Lauren Imparato
July 16 2015

5 Cooling Yoga Poses To Help You Beat The Heat

The heat of summer can often accelerate our mind and heat our bodies. It's important to pay attention to these sensations and incorporate a slower,...

Sarah Barnes
June 26 2015

A Simple Sequence To Open Your Heart To New Possibilities

Today is the Summer Solstice, making it the perfect time to head out into your nearest green space, breathe deep and get your asana on. It's also the...

Sara DiVello
June 21 2015