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A Detoxing Yoga Routine For Strength

Tara Stiles—badass yogi and owner of Strala studio in NYC—shares a quick sequence that will leave you feeling strong and rejuvenated.

Tara Stiles
May 2 2016

An Invigorating Morning Yoga Sequence You Can Do From Bed

This short practice creates a bridge between the sleeping world and wakefulness.

K. Mae Copham
April 25 2016

3 Yoga Poses That Help You Tune Into Your Cravings

Tuning in to your body's signals is easy with the right tools.

Alexa Silvaggio
April 21 2016

A 10-Minute Yoga Flow To Strengthen Your Whole Body

This quick yoga flow will help you find and lead your best life.

Elise Joan
April 6 2016

4 Easy Yoga Poses To Practice At Your Desk

You don't have to practice yoga for hours on end. A yoga routine can be as short or as long as you'd like — and you can practice wherever you want,...

Lauren Imparato
January 4 2016

10 Yoga Poses For A Strong Core

Core work gets a lot of press these days — and rightfully so. Having a strong core is not about creating washboard abs. It’s about having an engaged...

Ashley Turner
December 23 2015

A 10-Minute Yoga Sequence To Discover Your Feminine Power

In the yogic understanding, our feminine power — or Shakti-prana — is our ability to create and birth life itself or to turn any dream and vision into...

Ashley Turner
November 18 2015

If You Only Do 7 Stretches After A Workout, Do These

There's nothing like a runner’s high, but none of us like the aches and pains that can also result from a run! Trust me — I used to run 60 miles a...

Lauren Imparato
October 31 2015

A 30-Second Yoga Sequence For A Better Butt

Booty, buns, fanny, caboose, hump, tush, ass. So many different names for the one body part everyone wants to tone and tighten.

Cat Van Haayen
October 22 2015

Try This 2-Minute Yoga Workout To Beat Stress & Anxiety

There is no point in trying to ignore stress. Doing so will likely just make you more anxious. In my upcoming book, RETOX, I dedicate an entire...

Lauren Imparato
October 1 2015

5 Poses To Take Your Yoga Practice Up A Notch

After practicing yoga for a while, no matter how devoted you are to a style or practice, your body and mind need a change to continue to gain...

Jessi Andricks
September 20 2015

7 Invigorating Yoga Poses to Sweat Your Asana Off

Sweating your asana off is wonderful — but you should be conscious of why you’re doing it. Beyond the physical, yoga can help us in our resolve to...

Ally Hamilton
September 12 2015

5 Yoga Poses To Open Your Throat Chakra + Express Your Truth

The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) is the fifth of the seven energy centers within the subtle body, associated with communication and consciousness, and...

10 Yoga Moves To Get Your Summer Sweat On

Here are 10 poses to get you ready for summer — a strong and sporty summer.

Lauren Rudick
July 23 2015

4 Yoga Moves To Release Tension In Your Neck & Shoulders

Sitting at a desk, staying connected to your phone, commuting back and forth, hauling bags and kids, constantly stressing, and poor sleep quality are...

Lauren Imparato
July 16 2015