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Yoga Poses You Can Do While Binge-Watching Netflix

Lazing on the couch shouldn't feel like work, but it also shouldn't leave your body feeling terrible.

Francesca Bove
May 12 2016

5 Tips To Take Your Warrior 1 To The Next Level

It's a familiar pose for students of all levels—but it's easy to do wrong.

Michael Simpson
April 22 2016

A 10-Minute Yoga Sequence For Leos (Or Anyone Looking For Spine Flexibility)

According to astrology, Leo is a fixed fire sign and physically governs the heart and spine. Leos are the royalty of the zodiac. They are dignified...

Paul and Dan Litvin
April 1 2016

7 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses To Avoid Morning Meltdowns

Just three minutes of yoga can help avoid temper tantrums.

Mariam Gates
March 7 2016

5 Yoga Poses To Celebrate The New Moon

Here's how to tap into the energy of the new moon.

Chloe Kernaghan
March 5 2016

4 Yoga Poses To Stretch Your Hip Flexors

Use these simple poses to get your stretch on.

Jackie Kinealy
February 28 2016

A 10-Minute Yoga Sequence To Inspire Love

Open your heart with a little yoga.

Shiva Rea
February 25 2016

An Energizing Yoga Sequence To Start Your Morning

A good day starts with intentional movement.

Mary Beth LaRue
February 23 2016

Everyone's A Little Bit Insecure... And Other Things I Learned Teaching Yoga Around The World

Gina traveled the world teaching yoga — here's what she learned.

Gina Florio
February 20 2016

6 Heart-Opening Yoga Poses To Help Bring Love Into Your Life

To increase your love-attracting energy, repeat the words “I am worthy of love” as you breathe.

K. Mae Copham
February 19 2016

2 Yoga Stretches To Do Every Day

We all could use a little more yoga in our lives, even if it's just two stretches.

Lauren Imparato
February 13 2016

A Yoga Sequence To Tone Your Core

A 60-second yoga video to help you build a strong core.

Lauren Imparato
February 11 2016