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3 Ways a Yoga Teacher Training Can Change Your Life

Let me tell you how a yoga teacher training can give you meaning and purpose in life, regardless of the chaos surrounding you.

Rachel Fahlman
May 18 2012

Chasing Unicorns: 8 Tips on Befriending Your Nemesis Pose

Brian had a sick handstand. Without fail, every Tuesday night, I would leave class thinking the same thing, a thought which would invariably find it's...

Daniel Scott
May 11 2012

The Battle with Self-Doubt in Yoga

There comes a point in the journey of yoga when the questions of 'why' am I practicing and 'if' the postures of yoga are worthwhile surface...

Heather Morton
May 3 2012

5 Words I've Removed From My Yoga Vocabulary

The language used during a yoga class is one of the most important aspects of teaching. This encompasses everything from intonation and volume to...

Derek Beres
May 1 2012

The Shaky Side of Stillness

Who hasn’t occasionally felt a bit shaky in practice? Normal, yes? I always do. Literally. I cannot be physically still. I have a hereditary condition...

Dave Kidney
April 9 2012

7 Things You Need to Know About Backbends

You'll want to keep these things in mind the next time you step on your mat.

Heather Morton
March 22 2012

4 Fears You Might Experience Teaching Yoga

The best way to get past fear is to move forward, despite the butterflies in your stomach.

Karen Fabian
February 16 2012

What Does 'Doing Yoga' Really Mean?

Understanding the difference between your physical and spiritual practices.

Nadine Fawell
October 17 2011