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5 Ways To Turn A "Bad" Yoga Class Into A Learning Experience

Most yoga practitioners have experienced a “bad” class. Maybe the music doesn’t fit with the flow. Maybe the teacher moves the students into a pose...

Sarah Yurch
March 3 2013

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Spiritual Teacher

There are spiritual teachers who don’t live their teachings, who are more driven by ego and the need to have their expertise affirmed, than a desire...

Lindsey Lewis
February 17 2013

How To Make Friends With Boredom

Have you ever sat through boring meetings at work, watching each slow and agonizing minute tick by? Have you ever wanted to scream and bolt?

Julie Hoyle
February 11 2013

How Yoga Philosophy Can Help You Date

The last time I dated it was 2004, and I was on MySpace. (Ha! Remember MySpace?!) I was living with my awesome dog, and teaching yoga full-time as I...

Ally Hamilton
February 7 2013

Go Deeper Into Headstand

Headstand is one of the most powerful postures in yoga.

Kino MacGregor
January 17 2013

5 Important Steps In Creating Your Yoga Class

We all have different methods for memorizing yoga sequences. My first teacher, Brendan McCall, with whom I initially studied dance, would lead us on...

Derek Beres
January 8 2013

How To Make Self-Reflection Fun

Something caught my attention on Twitter the other day. It was a tweet by a woman who said that she didn't see the point of self-reflection because...

Rana Waxman
January 2 2013

A Simple Meditation: I Am That

Recently, I explained the ujjayi breathing technique, often used in yoga, or alone as a calming and rejuvenating breathing exercise.

Sherin Bual
December 30 2012

Dear America: Yoga Is Not A Sport

Yoga isn't about reaching a "There." It's not about how to learn to get your heels to touch the ground when you're in Down Dog. It's not about how to...

Dulma Altan
December 30 2012

Be The Best Version Of You By Honoring Your Inherent Gifts

By bringing attention and intention to our natural gifts and inclinations, we discover, then step firmly onto the path within yoga that will most...

Janet Stone
December 20 2012

How To Differentiate Yourself As A Yoga Teacher

I recently read an article that talked about yoga teachers and the differentiators between them.

Karen Fabian
December 19 2012

How I Used Yoga Philosophy to Heal My Back

I am a busy working mother of two young children, a student yoga teacher, and (if I am brutally honest with myself) , a Type-A personality.

Charlie Anderson
December 18 2012

Why Can't We Break Our Bad Habits?

We all have bad habits. No one is perfect or free from them. In yoga philosophy we call them “samskaras”—mental and emotional patterns we are, some...

Rebecca Seed
December 13 2012

4 Causes of Suffering in Our Lives

The amazing thing about the universal teachings in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is that the 196 threads (sutras) pertain primarily to the mind.

Lisa Mitchell
December 3 2012

How to Conquer the Stages of Life

In July 1992 I had braces, a unibrow, and, despite my begging, was still not allowed to shave my legs.

Lauren Imparato
November 23 2012

Find Happiness By Opening Your Mind and Embracing Your True Self

Getting advice from a guru seems like a blessing, but it might make you angry to learn that you are unhappy because of your own ignorance. If you look...

Jill Lawson
November 18 2012

The Diet of a Modern Yogi: 3-Part Checklist

Imagine you just ate sugar, rich dairy, or (GASP!) processed foods before a yoga class. Or how about a large coffee and a muffin before a class with...

Karen Sherwood
November 16 2012

How to Be a Great Yoga Teacher

As a senior yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer, one of the questions I get asked most is, "What makes a great yoga teacher?"

Marcus Julian Felicetti
October 18 2012

Are Your Attachments Causing You Pleasure or Pain?

Pleasure or Pain? If you've ever studied the Yoga Sutras of Pantajli, this question continues to arise. The path of a yogi is learning to break our...

Joan Hyman
October 13 2012