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6 Spiritual Practices To Balance Your Emotions

Up and down ... up and down. Isn’t this how we feel most of the time? We fluctuate between feeling good and bad, happy and sad. We like this and...

Jennie Lee
May 17 2015

3 Spiritual Practices To See Your True Self More Clearly

The number one obstacle on our journey toward greater awareness of self is thinking that we know something when we really do not.

Jennie Lee
May 2 2015

Kundalini Yoga: Why It Has The Power To Heal + Isn't As Weird As You May Think

Picture yourself in stress or pain, and a healer sits next to you, lightly touching your arm. Then suddenly, that sinister energy just shifts in your...

Eilish Bouchier
April 27 2015

Tantra + Sex: What You May Not Know, But Should

While many people associate Tantra with sex, the practice actually comes from little-understood Sanskrit texts originating from the 6th to 13th...

David Starlyte
April 20 2015

5 Simple Sanskrit Words To Live By

Whatever your practices or beliefs may be, we all need reminders to help you lead a good life. Sanskrit is a language of vibration, meaning the energy...

Gabrielle Harris
April 17 2015

3 Steps To Eliminate Ego From Your Yoga Practice

The Yoga Sutras identify five obstacles to our ability to sail through life with an expansive and joyful consciousness. They are known as the kleshas....

Jennie Lee
April 1 2015

5 Lessons From Traveling In India

Every year I take about five weeks to to dedicate myself completely to my yoga practice, often traveling to India to study with traditional teachers...

Kim Manfredi
March 17 2015

How To Build Strength For A Forearm Stand Practice

Being "good at yoga" does not mean being able to do the most advanced version of every pose. It means working patiently and lovingly, wherever you...

Jackie Kinealy
March 14 2015

10 Reasons To Pack Your Bags & Study Yoga In India

If you're trying to choose where to study yoga or deepen your practice, I recommend Mysore, India. It's the home of Ashtanga Yoga, and rich with...

Kim Manfredi
March 9 2015

How To Be OK With A Partner Who Doesn't Have The Same Lifestyle

Like a lot of yoga-doing ladies, I thought it would be cool to date a fellow yoga-doer. So I imagined my tall, dark and handsome yoga-doing dude. How...

Sara DiVello
February 17 2015

How Celibacy Can Help You Attract Real Love

Recently I made a move to Costa Rica. I am single and definitely feeling like I'm nearing my sexual peak. Not to mention, everyone in this surf town...

Lauren Rudick
February 2 2015

26 Qualities Of A Peaceful, Harmonious Life

All suffering is a result of imbalance — physically, mentally or spiritually.

Jennie Lee
January 25 2015

8 Tips To Establish A Morning Mindfulness Practice

A morning practice is an opportunity to meet with our essential selves before letting the world in. The magic that is inherent in the morning is what...

Karen Prosen
January 12 2015

Can Yoga Really Transform Consciousness?

Many people think that by walking the spiritual path, our consciousness evolves.

December 28 2014

5 Yoga Philosophies For Inner Peace & Goodwill To All

This time of year everyone seems to be talking about resolutions and how to keep off those extra pounds.

Samantha Rose
December 14 2014

6 Sexy Qualities Yogis Look For In A Partner

Sexy has many forms and interpretations. There's the clichéd sexy with a half-naked woman leaning up against a car and flaunting her assets, and...

Rina Jakubowicz
December 5 2014

Just Because I'm Christian Doesn't Mean I Can't Practice Yoga

I am a Christian who practices, teaches and encourages others to do yoga. In the years since I began my practice, I have heard many times from the...

Jennifer Chisam
December 2 2014

How Yoga Teaches Us To Honor Our Pain

We often hear a phrase like this in any given fitness class or other form of exercise. Whether it comes from an instructor or the practitioner's mind,...

Manmohan Singh
November 23 2014

Can The "Namaste Effect" Help You Create A Successful Business?

In 2009 I made a radical change. I quit a high-paying, promising corporate career to pursue a dream: to build and run a retreat center in Mexico. I...

Jean-Baptiste Belledent
November 17 2014