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7 Ways Yoga Gives Me An Edge In Silicon Valley

My lifestyle allows me to live between two worlds. I work in tech, and I'm a yoga junkie. When I'm in yoga class and I mention that I work in online...

Susana Montes
July 1 2014

How To Live The Good Life On A Shoestring Budget

I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned that you can live a healthy and posh lifestyle on a shoestring budget.

Kelly O'Brien
June 28 2014

3 Ways To Stop Swimming In Your Own S***

Have you ever seen fish in a dirty tank? They look droopy and dull and float around like they have shackles strapped to their fins. Their energy is...

John Kim, LMFT
June 20 2014

6 Ways To Get Control Of Your Email Inbox (Before It Controls You!)

Guess how much time you’re going to spend responding to emails this year?

Alexandra Franzen
June 11 2014

13 Signs You're Already Great At Your Job

If you are anything like my most ambitious people, you might feel like you're not as good at your job as everyone seems to think you are, you're not...

Samantha Sutton, PhD
June 9 2014

5 Simple Yoga Poses You Can Do At Your Desk (No Yoga Mat Required!)

Notice the position of your body right now. Are you slumped over in a chair? Are your shoulders collapsing in towards each other? Is your neck...

Jen Kluczkowski
June 3 2014

8 Ways To Tell If Your Dream Career Is A Real Option

You know that you want to love your career more than you currently do. You have several ideas that you're excited about, and some of them are a bit of...

Samantha Sutton, PhD
June 2 2014

How To Set Boundaries Without Being Mean

You know that feeling when you say "yes" to something, then immediately regret it? Whether it’s volunteering for a committee or agreeing to pick up...

Vanessa Loder, MBA
May 31 2014

8 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

Just last year, my life looked pretty good on paper. I had a six-figure job at a billion-dollar company and, as a lifelong people-pleaser and...

Becca Piastrelli
May 29 2014

21 Ways To Stay Healthy When You Sit At A Desk All Day

We sit down at the office, then we sit in the car, and once home, we sit to eat and watch TV!

Rebeca Plantier
May 28 2014

10 Reasons To Find Your Passion Project

It's a tough time to find a passion project." The economy is still lagging, there's so much more competition for our time, and we are working longer...

Amy Shah, M.D.
May 26 2014

5 Tips To Manage Your Family Life & Still Achieve Your Dreams

I was recently speaking on a panel of experts on awakening your best self. A young woman raised her hand and asked what to do if she knows what she is...

6 Things You Should Never Say When Someone's Been Fired

Six months ago I lost my job. No. Let's get real. I was fired. Via a three-sentence email that provided no explanation for my termination and after...

Stacey Brownlow, M.A.
May 21 2014

7 Tips To Make It Easy To Meditate Every Day

Six months ago, I was pretty much a newcomer to meditation. I'd dabbled before, done some workshops, but never managed to keep up a home practice for...

Kam-Mei Chak
May 19 2014

10 Things Organized People Do Every Day

Being organized isn't just about going through your paper piles once in a while. It's not just about doing the spring cleaning thing once a year...

Jordana Jaffe
May 18 2014

Why My Husband Told Me To Stop Wearing Sweatpants

I will never forget the day when my husband sat me down for my intervention. He chose his words very carefully. He looked me in the eyes and said,...

Selina Almodovar
May 17 2014

5 Ways To Stay Fit When You're Working Like A Dog

As anyone trying to stay in shape knows, without continued effort, we lose our gains. Getting ripped is hard, and staying there is even harder. Our...

10 Tips To Declutter Your Entire Life

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth — a time to clear out any clutter that may have accumulated over the winter months; physically, mentally and...

Cat O'Connor
May 8 2014