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A Pumpkin-Apple Smoothie To Spice Up Your Morning

We usually associate delicious fall ingredients like pumpkins, cinnamon or nutmeg with pies and other not-so-healthy desserts that are enjoyed...

Jennifer Sweenie
November 11 2014

3 Easy, Healthy Desk Lunches To Make This Week

We can all appreciate the idea of bringing lunch to work to avoid buying the often less nutritious and cost-effective option of getting something on...

Christina Liva
November 10 2014

Creamy Vegan Hot Cacao

This hot cocoa smoothie is thick and tasty, protien-packed and filling and only contains natural sugar. It is the perfect morning pick-me-up on a...

Lauren Rudick
November 10 2014

Grain-Free Apricot Pecan Cookies

The best part about this recipe is that you can freeze the dough after it's been scooped into dough balls and bake them straight from the freezer—just...

Carrie Vitt
November 9 2014

5 Reasons To Use Tamari Instead Of Soy Sauce

Your typical Asian soy sauce is generally made with as much wheat as soy and can sometimes include preservatives and or MSG. Here's why we're reaching...

Christina Liva
November 9 2014

Fast, Cheap & Easy: 3 Fall Taco Dinners To Make Now

We've decided to take on the weeknight dinner — creating meals you can whip up in as much time as it would take to order delivery, and that are as...

Christina Liva
November 8 2014

Black Bean + Sweet Potato Tacos

Black Bean + Sweet Potato Tacos

November 8 2014

A Salad To Naturally Curb Your Sugar Cravings

A great way to build up a natural defense against the temptation to consume sugar is to fill your diet with naturally sweet plant-based dishes such as...

Mima Romm
November 7 2014

A Better Snack: Acorn Squash Chips

Because I am a true lover of the chip, finding ways to create something a tad more nutritious than the plain potato crunch is a quest. Kind of like a...

Stefanie Sacks
November 7 2014

8 Tips To Make A Vegan Diet More Affordable

There is a common belief that living a healthful plant-based lifestyle is more expensive than being a meat-eater, and therefore only for people with a...

Karen Cottenden
November 6 2014

3 Ways To Get Your Pumpkin Spice Fix Without The Bad Stuff

Many of you probably know that the beloved pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks (and the pumpkin syrup at Dunkin') have been exposed for the frauds they...

Cassandra Bodzak
November 5 2014

Vegan Snickerdoodles That Taste Like The Real Deal

Our friend, and one of the coolest yogis on the planet, Tara Stiles, lends us a recipe from her long-awaited cookbook, Make Your Own Rules Diet.

Tara Stiles
November 5 2014

3 Healthy Snacks To Satisfy That 3PM Craving

You know the feeling all too well — 3pm rolls around and you would do anything for a sweet treat or a bag of chips. Sure, giving in to the craving...

Mandy King, CNP
November 4 2014

Warming Shiitake Soba (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

If you're looking for a vegan soup that is also wheat-free, look no further.

Dawna Stone
November 3 2014

Beat Daylight Savings Blues With This Butternut Squash Stew

Daylight savings is upon us! If you're beginning to feel anxious about the physical and spiritual affect it will have on you, don't worry, you're not...

Mima Romm
November 2 2014

How To Make Jam Without Using Sugar

Bottled products are not quite fresh as they are marketed to be and often do not contain high-nutrient or high-quality ingredients.

Smriti Kirubanandan
November 1 2014