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A Better Snack: Acorn Squash Chips

Because I am a true lover of the chip, finding ways to create something a tad more nutritious than the plain potato crunch is a quest. Kind of like a...

Stefanie Sacks
November 7 2014

8 Tips To Make A Vegan Diet More Affordable

There is a common belief that living a healthful plant-based lifestyle is more expensive than being a meat-eater, and therefore only for people with a...

Karen Cottenden
November 6 2014

Vegan Snickerdoodles That Taste Like The Real Deal

Our friend, and one of the coolest yogis on the planet, Tara Stiles, lends us a recipe from her long-awaited cookbook, Make Your Own Rules Diet.

Tara Stiles
November 5 2014

Warming Shiitake Soba (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

If you're looking for a vegan soup that is also wheat-free, look no further.

Dawna Stone
November 3 2014

How To Make Jam Without Using Sugar

Bottled products are not quite fresh as they are marketed to be and often do not contain high-nutrient or high-quality ingredients.

Smriti Kirubanandan
November 1 2014

A Vegan Spiced Pumpkin-Chocolate Smoothie

The concept of Halloween has changed over the years, the once simple pagan tradition has transformed into a "big business" venture for the sugar...

Sarah Wilson
October 31 2014

A Better Cookie: Chocolate-Oatmeal Chunkers

Loren Brill is about to give Pillsbury and Toll House some serious competition with her break-and-bake cookie dough. Her love for baked goods lead her...

Loren Brill
October 30 2014

The Benefits Of Buying In Bulk

Despite the name, the bulk aisle is just as handy for buying small portions of something new you want to try out as it is to buy large quantities of...

Danielle Zeigler
October 29 2014

7 Ways Your Spice Rack Can Replace Your Medicine Cabinet

As a health-conscious chef, I've always been a big believer in turning to your diet to help fix what ails you. But in the last year, I've really been...

Phoebe Lapine
October 27 2014

Chocolate Almond Superfood Snack Balls (Raw, Gluten-Free)

This nutty, chocolate-y snack is a delicious whole-food treat. Make a big batch, refrigerate and take some with you to have on the go. They're great...

Jon Gabriel
October 27 2014

6 Morning Rituals to Jump Start Your Day

The following are a few of the morning rituals that help me wake up, get those positive vibes going, and set the grateful tone for the day.

Melissa Rousseau
October 26 2014

Mix Up Your Breakfast Routine With Zucchini Oats (Zoats!)

Ever heard of zoats? A combination of shredded zucchini and oats, zoats make an incredibly satisfying and nutrient-packed breakfast. Simply add grated...

Ksenia Avdulova
October 26 2014

A Beginner's Guide To Clean Eating

Here are some tips I use in my daily life and share with my health coaching clients to help make small adjustments each week leading to a massive...

Cassandra Bodzak
October 25 2014

One-Pan Baked Curry Cod

As a health coach, one of the biggest concerns I hear from clients is that eating healthy is too time-consuming and complicated. What I've found...

Jessica Wyman
October 24 2014

Crunchy, Spicy Chickpeas

These Chickpeas make the perfect protein-rich, nut-free snack. Lightweight and great to take on hikes or throw in the lunchbox.

Mikaela Foxworthy
October 22 2014

Easy, Alkalizing Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

By now, you've probably heard about all the amazing health benefits of apple cider vinegar, like how it can aid in weight loss, improve digestion,...

Angel Owens
October 21 2014