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5 Reasons I Gave Up On Cardio

I broke up with cardio and I didn't even see it coming. One day I picked up a book on weight training when I was particularly tired of treadmill grind...

Brynn Johnson
March 10 2015

How To Cut Carbs In A Healthy And Effective Way

Going low-carb can be challenging, but these tips will help.

Before & After: Plant-Based Diet Success Stories

Sometimes the best way to become convinced of a lifestyle's efficacy is to see real-life examples of it.

Joel Kahn, M.D.
February 26 2015

4 Ways Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Burn Fat

Every once in a while, we feel the need to quickly drop a few pounds. Though common weight loss lore would instruct us to stop eating and jump on a...

Nathan Wiebe
February 19 2015

7 Things Not To Do When You Give Up Sugar

Ditching sugar can help you burn fat, feel better and finally crush your addiction, but do it incorrectly and you'll stymie your efforts.

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
February 17 2015

Your Runs Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss. Here's What To Do Instead

When people decide they want to lose weight, starting a running habit is often their first instinct. They run and run ... and run. Maybe they...

Kyle Babiuk
February 5 2015

3 Key Changes I Made To Lose 200 Pounds Without Depriving Myself

Here are the three key changes I made to create long-lasting, sustainable results.

Louis Vitiello Jr., CHC
January 28 2015

This Is The First Step Toward Successful Holistic Weight Loss

You know to eat, what you're supposed to eat to achieve your weight loss and wellness goals, but something trips you up. A voice, a thought, a fear...

How Visualization Helped Me Lose 220 Pounds

In 2001, I weighed over 400 pounds. My weight was the big issue in every area of my life. I was borderline type II diabetic, suffered from elevated...

Jon Gabriel
December 30 2014

5 Tips To Eat Healthy In The Face Of Social Pressure

It can be challenging to lose weight and stay fit during the holiday season, as I'm sure you know. Not only are there lots of unhealthy food triggers,...

Jon Gabriel
December 9 2014

Signs You Have Candida + How To Fight It

The top six signs you may be suffering from Candida.

Dina Vieira
November 10 2014

Why You Don't Need To Diet For Lasting Weight Loss

Do you hate dieting? It may surprise you to know that dieting is not a tried-and-true way to lose weight and keep it off. In my experience, it's a...

I Didn’t Lose 200 Pounds. I Lost 1 Pound 200 Times

Have you ever looked at a to-do list so staggering you didn't even know where to start? At 440 pounds, that's what it was like to stare down at the...

Tim Bauer
October 18 2014

5 Tips To Eat Healthy, No Matter How Busy You Are

Being busy is many peoples' excuse for not eating healthily and not taking care of themselves. But in my opinion, not taking care of your health...

Osha Key
October 6 2014