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3 Metabolism Mistakes You Might Be Making

How to get your metabolism to work with you instead of against you.

Yuri Elkaim
March 15 2016

5 Things That Kept Me Motivated On My Weight-Loss Journey (Even When I Wanted To Give Up)

While my willingness to be healthy was always there, my actions didn't always reflect my desire. It wasn't until I realized the five things that...

Osha Key
February 18 2016

3 Mental Tricks That Helped During My 150-Pound Weight-Loss Journey

Going on yet another diet can feel exciting at first, but it only takes a few weeks to feel overwhelmed.

Naomi Teeter
February 3 2016

How I Lost Nearly 100 Pounds — After Struggling With Weight My Whole Life

"My dress size shrunk fast and I was seeing weight loss as a secondary benefit to discovering my optimal health."

Jasmin Singer
January 31 2016

10 Things I Did To Lose 160 Pounds Without Ever Dieting

I never did diets. I simply kept finding ways to live a healthier, more conscious life. Here are the top factors that led to the dramatic change.

Joe Bernstein
January 30 2016

I've Been On 116 Diets. Here Are 3 Choices That Always Derailed My Weight Loss

Each new diet had the potential to solve all my problems: lose weight, wear a smaller size, and love my body forever.

Jennifer Hand
January 25 2016

8 Reasons I Recommend The Wild Diet

Can you really lose fat while enjoying sirloin steak, chicken Parmesan, and real butter?

Abel James
January 24 2016

8 Ways To Lose Weight That Have Nothing To Do With Food

Dieting often goes hand-in-hand with weight loss, but strict diets are not the only way to shed excess weight.

Abby Hutcheson
January 22 2016

4 Ways My Clients Successfully Maintain Weight Loss

In the past 30 years, I've helped more than a million people lose weight and maintain their weight loss.

JJ Virgin, CNS
January 15 2016

6 Rules I Followed To Lose 145 Pounds

You want to get healthy and lose weight, but you have no idea where to start — and you’re overwhelmed. Well, I can’t tell you that there is a magic...

Brenda Johnston
January 11 2016

The Truth About Body Fat: Why You Need It + How To Optimize It

In our weight-obsessed culture, it’s common to disparage the fat in our bodies. But body fat is a highly specialized organ, critically important for...

David S. Ludwig
January 4 2016

How I Lost 40 Pounds By Exercising Less

I reached my ideal body by finding ways to be kind to myself — by honoring how I feel and truly listening to what I crave.

Katheryn Gronauer
January 2 2016

11 Weight-Loss Tips From Contributors Who Have Lost 1,172 Pounds

Happy 2016! If you're like the majority of the country, you're probably sitting there thinking, this is it, this the year I focus on getting healthy....

Gabrielle Frank
January 1 2016

5 Things To Do Instead Of Setting A New Year's Resolution

Have you ever made a New Year's resolution? Were you able to keep it? If you answered no to that question, you are not alone. According to research,...

Jay Scott
December 28 2015