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How I Lost 65 Pounds (And Actually Had Fun Along The Way)

I promised myself I wouldn't be another failed New Year's resolution statistic.

Aly Tyghter
January 10 2016

10 "Rules" I Live By When It Comes To Eating Fat

If you want to get ahead of the trend, here are 10 must-know dietary fat rules.

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
January 10 2016

The Truth About Body Fat: Why You Need It + How To Optimize It

In our weight-obsessed culture, it’s common to disparage the fat in our bodies. But body fat is a highly specialized organ, critically important for...

David S. Ludwig
January 4 2016

How I Lost 40 Pounds By Exercising Less

I reached my ideal body by finding ways to be kind to myself — by honoring how I feel and truly listening to what I crave.

Katheryn Gronauer
January 2 2016

5 Things To Do Instead Of Setting A New Year's Resolution

Have you ever made a New Year's resolution? Were you able to keep it? If you answered no to that question, you are not alone. According to research,...

Jay Scott
December 28 2015

I Was On 116 Diets. Here's How I Finally Lost 60 Pounds Without Trying

I was sitting on my couch every night battling the urge to dive into a gallon of ice cream.

Jennifer Hand
December 21 2015

10 Things I Did To Lose 150 Pounds

Here are my top 10 tips for losing weight and maintaining that weight loss

Kari Ianuale
December 18 2015

How I Lost 100 Pounds, Solved My Sleep Issues & Saved My Life

As a kid, I was healthy and active. I played baseball, ran all around my Chicago neighborhood, and rode my bike regularly.

Michael Tamez
December 14 2015

I'm A Holistic Nutritionist. Here's How I Stay Healthy Through The Holidays

I know how crazy holidays can become, and how easy it is to let healthy eating take a backseat. I'm a nutrition and fitness expert, and even I have...

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
December 12 2015

I Lost 145 Pounds. Here's What I Would Tell My Former Fat Self

People always assume that if you are overweight, once you lose that weight, everything will be magical and awesome — and you’ll be so happy. I’m not...

Brenda Johnston
November 22 2015

5 Simple Rules I Used To Lose 75 Pounds In Less Than A Year

At first I was scared, claustrophobic, and overwhelmed. But I quickly turned those negative feelings into motivation.

Jay Scott
November 20 2015

I Was Once Overweight, Exhausted & Felt Like Hell. Here's How I Became A Vegan Ironman

I’m not usually one for selfies. They feel like a bit too much. But I’d like to make an exception here to share my health journey. The picture on the...

Garth Davis, M.D.
October 8 2015

7 Habits That Helped Me Lose 40 Pounds

It’s been over five years since I decided to take responsibility for my health and change my lifestyle. As a result, I’ve lost 40 pounds of fat and...

Osha Key
September 12 2015

7 Doctor-Approved Tips To Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Congratulations! You’ve reached your goal weight and are rocking a fantastic new body. Bask in the glory of this amazing accomplishment, but don’t hit...

Dr. Allana Polo
August 4 2015

10 Things I Did To Lose More Than 150 Pounds

No matter how old you are or what your ability is, you have the power to turn your life around just like I did.

Farheen Khan
August 1 2015