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My Family Talked About Weight Loss Constantly. Here's How It Affected Me

What if they heard women compliment each other's smiles and bravery and kindness and not just how great they looked when they lost weight?

Deirdre O'Hagan
September 7 2016

6 Tips That Helped Me Lose 65 Pounds Without Feeling Deprived

Weight loss can actually be easy if you can make a few simple mindset shifts.

Annie Markowitz, PhD
August 1 2016

How A Celebrity Yogi Overcame Years Of Thyroid Issues

Yes, you really can beat brain fog and belly bloat.

Leigh Weingus
July 29 2016

Want To Lose Weight? There's A Hormone You Need To Know About

Boosting production of the fat-burning hormone HSL is actually pretty simple.

July 18 2016

How I Lost 220 Pounds & Kept It Off For Good

Because I've focused so much on healing my mind and body, I simply never crave junk food anymore.

Jon Gabriel
July 12 2016

The One Sentence That Finally Inspired Me To Lose 70 Pounds

Over the last six years, I had gained 70 pounds from sitting at a desk, eating takeout, and never using my gym membership. But what happened next...

Stephen Moegling
June 27 2016

I Lost 160 Pounds 3 Years Ago. Here's How I've Kept The Weight Off

There are no supplements, pills, potions, or shakes. I simply decided to slowly change my lifestyle in sustainable ways.

Joe Bernstein
April 16 2016

Fitness Tweaks To Get You To Your Happy Weight, Stat

Despite what your gym or the latest fitness craze might suggest, you can’t out-exercise or otherwise outrun a crappy diet. That’s why I ask clients to...

JJ Virgin, CNS
April 2 2016