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Why World Population Growth Endangers Everyone (Infographics)

If fertility rates were to remain constant, world population could soar to 27 billion. Here’s why that’s vitally important to all of us.

Population Institute
July 12 2014

8 Reasons Surfing Helps You Ride The Waves Of Life

This year my yoga practice landed me in Costa Rica twice and San Diego once to experience the power of riding waves. It was during one of my first...

Cat O'Connor
July 6 2014

DIY: 8 All-Natural Ways To Make Your Water Taste Better Than Ever

We all know that we should drink more water. We also know the benefits of vitamins, but it can often be a struggle to get enough through food alone.

Mike Del Ponte
July 2 2014

6 Tricks To Boost Your Metabolism

Have you tried every diet trend, super food and gym class you can find in the hopes of looking and feeling healthier, only to end up not achieving or...

Sarah Hawthorne
June 24 2014

5 Things Horses Taught Me About Life

Despite being a food blogger, I'm still learning about nutrition, just like the rest of us. Though some days I consider myself a preacher of health as...

Kat Nielsen
June 24 2014

This Is Your Body Without Water (Infographic)

Whether I eat too much at lunch and suffer a classic food coma, or have a horrible night's sleep and feel groggy the next day, I've learned the hard...

Mike Del Ponte
June 20 2014

9 Tips To Get To Your Healthy Weight (And Stay There!)

People ask me all the time how to stick to a diet. I ask them instead to focus on learning how to make change in their life. To change how you eat,...

Jeanette Bronée
June 19 2014

5 Tips For An Itch-Free Summer

Bugs, sunburns, poison ivy. Summer, while refreshing and wonderful, is also full of itchy traps. None of us want to end up in the hospital begging for...

Hayley Hobson
June 19 2014

What You Need To Know About Your Tap Water

What's in your tap water? We all know to buy organic produce but few of us pay enough attention to is what's in the water. In this talk, Dr....

June 17 2014

5 Weight Loss Tips That Don't Cost A Dime

“Between those appetite-curbing supplements and healthy foods, I feel like I'm spending half my paycheck to lose weight,” my friend said, showing me a...

JJ Virgin, CNS
June 16 2014

How To Relieve Headaches Naturally

If you're plagued by headaches, it's well worth the energy to play detective and see if you can support your body’s natural systems to alleviate the...

Sue-Anne Hickey
June 16 2014

Better Than Coffee: Try This Morning Routine For All-Day Energy & Clarity

We are all healers in a way. Each day, we make choices that can support our body in staying healthy and strong. By creating health-boosting habits and...

Nadya Andreeva
June 4 2014

Why Everyone Should Try An Epsom Salt Bath

Lately, I’ve really been trying to manage my stress in healthy ways. I like yoga, reading, and long walks, but I needed other simple techniques....

Jen Broyles
May 31 2014

7 Tips To Pump Some Energy Into Your Workday

Imagine you get to your office, your studio, or wherever you spend your days. Now imagine that feeling of malaise and lackluster energy levels that...

Dann McNulty
May 30 2014

Why Bottled Water Is Bad For You & The World + What To Do About It

There’s no denying our addiction to plastic beverage bottles. They're convenient, and they're ubiquitous. Over the span of just forty years, our use...

Mike Del Ponte
May 12 2014

Why Staying Hydrated Could Change Your Life

I had a moment of knowing a few weeks ago that I was going to live a long, healthy life into my hundreds, perhaps even another 40 years.


How Toxic Is The Drinking Water In Your City? (Infographic)

The average adult human body is 50-65% water, and you can only survive 3-5 days without drinking water. In spite of how important this life-giving...

April 28 2014

How Yoga Helped Me Surf My Way To A World Record

About 25 years ago, following a major back injury, I took a yoga class, thinking it would help my flexibility. I still remember how I felt walking out...

Garrett McNamara
April 15 2014

Why You Simply MUST Filter Your Water

Water is a life-sustaining fluid that’s essential to health, but if you're drinking straight out of the tap, it can undermine your health. When you...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
April 4 2014

Road Sage: 5 Tricks To Calm Your Road Rage

If you live in any of the largest 25 metropolitan cities in the world, traffic has likely become an unavoidable part of your day. Wow, even writing...

Rob Edie
March 28 2014