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Distress Travel? No, De-Stress Travel.

Traveling makes us nervous. It triggers the stress response (fight-or-flight) to some degree in everyone. What is stress? It is the opposite of...

Silvia Mordini
March 19 2012

Harnessing the Power of Your Mind to Live Your Dreams

People often say that "we're our own worst enemy." When thinking about things like 'intention' and 'mindset,' we often let negative thoughts win. As...

Kate Godkin
March 15 2012

Wayne Dyer: Don't Let Anyone Pollute Your Imagination

"Never, and I mean never, allow anyone else's ideas of who you can or can't become sully your dream or pollute your imagination. This is your...

March 15 2012

7 Steps to De-stress After a Tough Day

Immersing your senses in multiple relaxation techniques will help you recover more quickly and get on with enjoying your life. Below are seven steps...

Jayme Barrett
February 24 2012

4 Ingredients for Success

In today's world there is fierce competition to be successful in almost any undertaking. No matter if it is your career, a personal undertaking like...

Brigitte Meinders
February 1 2012

Create a Vision Board Inspired by Your 2012 Dreams

Kicking off the New Year by decorating a blank canvas is the perfect way to create a vision board! With reflection of 2011 and a fresh start to 2012...

Laura Swim
January 3 2012

8 Tips to Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick

A fresh, new year is here, bringing with it the opportunity for new beginnings. It's a great time to commit to making changes that improve your life,...

Christina O'Flaherty
January 2 2012

Resolving Not to Resolve

Happy New Year!I can't believe it is 2012! Growing up, I had visions that by this time we would all be traveling to work on hover crafts and living in...

Cheryl Riise
January 1 2012

How to Reconnect with Your Creative

In the midst of what has become one of the most impressionable times of my life, I've heard from so many people, be them friends, family, neighbors or...

Lisa Pool
December 21 2011

How to Balance Yourself and Overcome Doubt

White Elephant; a burdensome possession or task; creating far more trouble than it’s worth. Well that doesn't sound at all pleasant now does it?

Lisa Pool
December 13 2011

Evolve with Journaling: 5 Tips to Start Your Journey

Oprah Winfrey once said about journaling, "It's astonishing to be able to track your own evolution -- who I was, and who I’m still becoming.

Jen Nicomedes Stone
November 22 2011

Loving Where You Are Now

Recently, I realized I often find myself striving for something just out of reach. I don't mean in a good way like going for a new, better job or...

Brigitte Meinders
November 21 2011

You Are What You See

We've all heard the saying before 'we are what we eat', well I believe we are what we see. Day in and day out our minds are distracted by what we see...

Liza Laird
November 16 2011

Mid-Day Minute Meditation to Restore Calm

It's not uncommon to have moments in the day when you feel like everything is spinning out of control. There are too many emails to answer and text...

Jennifer Jarrett
November 15 2011

5 Ways to Stop Worrying and Feel Calm

When we worry, we create drama in our minds: obsessing about the past, or predicting what might happen in the future. I'm no stranger to worry and the...

Marissa Håkansson
November 14 2011

Wayne Dyer: Be at Peace with Everyone

"Be at peace with everyone. No one is capable of making you upset without your consent, so if you begin practicing the intention to be authentic and...

November 10 2011

Feng Shui Tips for Back-to-Work Blues

Do you have a sinking feeling on Sunday afternoons wishing that the weekend could go on forever? At some point, we all have but if it's plaguing you...

Jayme Barrett
October 20 2011

Prenatal Yoga with Ashley Albrand, Part II

Yogis and yoga teachers, how has a student's or your own pregnancy changed the way you teach or practice? What have been your challenges, realizations...

Elizabeth Rowan
October 10 2011

The Law of Attraction and How it Really Works

As a teacher of manifestation, I am always looking for tools and techniques that can help my students work more powerfully with the energy of the...

Jennifer Grace
October 6 2011