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PAID CONTENT FOR Danielle Walker, author of Eat What You Love

This Gluten-Free, Diary-Free Cornbread Is Your Ultimate Hearty Side Dish

Danielle Walker's gluten-free cornbread recipe is as delicious as it is sensitive to food allergies. With no corn, gluten, or dairy, and packed with...

September 27 2016

A 5-Ingredient Meatless Dinner In Less Than 15 Minutes

Meatless meatballs and zoodles make for a quick and easy go-to dinner recipe that meat-eaters and vegetarians alike will enjoy!

September 26 2016

Raising A Vegan Kid Could Soon Be Illegal In Italy. Here's What We Should Really Be Talking About

The all-too-frequent feeding of hyperprocessed fast food to children is a far greater offense.

Joel Kahn, M.D.
August 17 2016

How To Defend Your Vegan Diet To Your Skeptical Doctor

I often have people tell me, "My doctor isn't supportive of a plant-based diet. What information can I share?" Here's what I tell them.

Joel Kahn, M.D.
May 25 2016

Charlie Knoles On Giving Up On The Idea Of Competition

Be excellent at what you do. You should know your field so well that your B game is as good as most people’s A game. It’s amazing how easy it is to...

Jason Wachob
April 18 2016

My Skin, Health & Energy Improved Once I Finally Quit This Diet

I'm not here to convince you to eat one way or another. But during my 10 years following a vegan diet, I realized that even though I was eating...

How I Help Vegans & Vegetarians Optimize Their Diets

A plant-based diet provides numerous benefits. They're typically lower in damaging fats but higher in fiber and other nutrients, which may explain why...

JJ Virgin
April 11 2016

Meet The Couple Who Lives In A Van (And Still Manages To Eat Healthy)

Eating well on the road has never been a forte of mine, but my most recent adventure forced me to change my ways.

Alyssa Ackerman
April 8 2016