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This Beloved Tuscan Soup Recipe Turns Stale Bread & Pantry Staples Into Dinner

Ribollita means “re-boiled” in Italian; another way of saying, “wow, this will taste even better tomorrow!”

#dinner #vegetarian
Coleen Kirnan
September 17 2023

Welcome Fall With This Sweet & Savory Honey-Apple- Endive Salad

The combo of tang, sweetness, funk, and bitterness always warrants seconds.

#salads #vegetarian
Jake Cohen
September 15 2023

This Blue Zone Has Half The Heart Disease As America — Try Their Soup Recipe

This timeless blend delivers on flavor and fiber.

#longevity #vegetarian #vegan
Dan Buettner
September 1 2023

I'm A Nutritional Psychiatrist: The Brain-Healthy Foods You'll Find At My BBQs

From building a better burger to throwing parsley on everything.

#friendship #vegetarian #brain
Uma Naidoo, M.D.
August 29 2023

In A Dream World, I'd Use This Meal Delivery Service Weekly — Here's Why

Spoiler alert: These meals are worth the hype.

#easy meals #organic food #superfoods #gluten-free #vegan
Carleigh Ferrante
August 27 2023

This Protein-Packed Chickpea Salad Is A Perfect Make-Ahead Lunch

The flavor deepens the longer it marinates.

#vegetarian #protein #plants
Amy Thielen
August 25 2023

This Plant-Based Dish Packs 19 Grams Of Protein & More Than Half Your Daily Fiber Needs

A combination of chickpeas, potatoes, cauliflower, and peas comes together in an Instant Pot for an easy, filling meal.

#vegetarian #protein #fiber
Jules Sherred
August 22 2023

These Chef Hacks Make Grilled Fruits & Vegetables Taste Even Better

Produce takes on a whole new flavor when exposed to high heat and open flame—don't miss out.

#vegetarian #dinner
Emily Kelleher
August 11 2023

Forget What You Know About Potato Salad & Try This Herby Turmeric Take

This flavorful take on the classic summer staple salad packs a flavorful, anti-inflammatory punch with turmeric and fresh herbs.

#lunch #salads #vegetarian
Sally Butcher
July 31 2023

Is The Raw Carrot Salad Worth The Hype? I Asked Around

Or is it just a trend?

#gut health #hormones #vegan #vegetarian #probiotics
Hannah Frye
July 31 2023

These Savory Chickpea Pancakes Are Packed With Protein — Try This Easy Recipe

Summer veggies shine in this simplified version of ratatouille, paired with what amounts to a chickpea crepe, which adds protein and flavor.

#dinner #vegetarian #protein
Susan Spungen
July 29 2023

Summer Corn Is At Its Best — Make This Salad With Poblano Peppers & Cotija Cheese

Don't miss this mouthwatering salad during peak corn season.

#lunch #vegetarian #salads
Bricia Lopez
July 27 2023

When It's Too Hot To Cook, Try This Chipotle Caesar Salad With Grilled Romaine

Chipotle, lime, and cilantro take the classic caesar salad up a notch.

#salads #vegetarian #lunch
Danny Trejo
July 19 2023

Eat The Rainbow — But Prioritize This Color For Glowing Skin & Fewer Wrinkles

Sometimes the best nutrition advice is the simplest.

#skin care #Antioxidant #vegetarian #vegan
Hannah Frye
July 16 2023

Move Over Pickled Onions, Pickled Celery Is The Star Of This Summery Salad

Marinating the celery tames the strong grassy notes, bringing out a savory side and offering a tender and crisp bite.

#vegan #vegetarian #lunch #salads
Hetty Lui McKinnon
July 15 2023

This Spicy Produce-Packed Patty Is Not Your Average Veggie Burger

Goodbye, bland meat replacements—scallions, ginger, and chile bring a serious hit of flavor to these burgers.

#vegetarian #protein #dinner
Lukas Volger
June 30 2023

You Need To Start Grilling Your Broccoli—Here's A Recipe To Start

Furikake, a Japanese spice blend featuring seaweed and sesame, adds an umami kick.

#vegetarian #superfoods

Everyone Is Talking About This One-Minute Protein-Packed Breakfast

One TikTok trend we can get behind.

#breakfast #protein #mbgsupplements #Collagen #vegan
Hannah Frye
June 21 2023

These Garlic-Herb Grilled Artichokes Put The Jarred Variety To Shame

Whole fresh artichokes can be intimidating to work with, but this recipe makes it simple.

#dinner #vegetarian

Stock Up On These Foods To Fight Frailty, New Research Suggests

Here's how to add more of them to your routine.

#news #vegetarian #brain
Francesca Bond
June 20 2023