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Greening Your Laces: Q & A with Pro-Soccer Player Natalie Spilger

Natalie Spilger is a professional soccer player for the Chicago Red Stars and the CEO and Founder of GreenLaces.org, an organization she created to...

Jason Wachob
April 5 2010

Olympic Playlists: What Our Winter Olympians Are Listening To

We've wrapped up our interviews with thirteen amazing Olympic athletes like Gold Medal winners Lindsey Vonn (pictured) and Hannah Kearney, now here's...

February 25 2010

Olympic Q & A: Sarah Schleper, USA Alpine Skiing

Sarah Schleper is the only female member of the U.S. Ski Team born in the 1970's, and the only mother! Sarah took time off from skiing to rehabilitate...

Jason Wachob
February 24 2010

Olympic Q & A: Bree Schaaf, USA Bobsled

Bobsledder Bree Schaaf does it all. She went from collegiate volleyball player, to becoming a member of the U.S. Skeleton team, to bobsledding where...

Jason Wachob
February 23 2010

Olympic Q & A: Tim Jitloff, USA Alpine Skiing

A three-time U.S. national champion and two-time World Championships team member, Tim Jitloff began his international career as a specialist in the...

Jason Wachob
February 21 2010

Olympic Q & A: Resi Stiegler On When Injury Hits

Injury is a harsh reality in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding -- and many of the current Olympians have either missed past Olympics or are...

Jason Wachob
February 19 2010

Olympic Q & A: Gretchen Bleiler, USA Snowboarding

Gretchen Bleiler's whole life changed when at age ten she moved with her family to Aspen, Colorado where she learned to snowboard. In 2006 she won an...

Jason Wachob
February 18 2010

Olympic Q & A: Katherine Reutter, USA Speedskating

Katherine Reutter is making her Olympic debut in Vancouver, skating in all four women's speedskating events, and is a medal contender in each. She won...

Jason Wachob
February 17 2010

Olympic Q & A: Kikkan Randall, USA Cross-Country Skiing

In 2009, Kikkan Randall became the first U.S. female to win a medal at the cross-country skiing World Championships when she took silver in the sprint...

Jason Wachob
February 17 2010

Olympic Q & A: Lindsey Jacobellis, USA Snowboarding

Lindsey Jacobellis is one of the most decorated and successful women's snowboarders currently active in the world today. At the 2006 Winter Olympics,...

Jason Wachob
February 16 2010

Olympic Q & A: Erin Hamlin, USA Luge

Introduced to the sport of Luge at the age of twelve by USA Luge’s Slider Search program in Syracuse, NY, Erin Hamlin has grown to become one of...

Jason Wachob
February 15 2010

Olympic Q & A: Kaylin Richardson, USA Alpine Skiing

Kaylin Richardson is no stranger to the Olympics as she competed at Torino. She also began skiing at the age of five in the Twin Cities suburbs, just...

Jason Wachob
February 14 2010

Olympic Q & A: Hannah Kearney: Gold Medal Winning Skier

Raised on a farm, Hannah Kearney definitely has an appreciation for animals, nature, and "real food." And as the winner of the World Cup moguls title...

Jason Wachob
February 13 2010

Olympic Q & A: Steven Nyman, USA Alpine Skiing

Growing up at the Sundance Resort in Utah, run by actor Robert Redford, Steven Nyman was constantly influenced by nature and the arts. (His father ran...

Jason Wachob
February 12 2010

Olympic Medals - Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Green?

Of the many initiatives by the Vancouver Olympic Committee to promote sustainability, one of the coolest involves the ultimate symbol of the games --...

February 11 2010

Olympic Q & A: Lindsey Vonn: America's Best Woman Skier Ever

Lindsey Vonn is one of the most successful female ski racers in American history. In fact Sports Illustrated just called her "America's Best Woman...

Jason Wachob
February 9 2010

Q & A with 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Interviews

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver is upon us and we're bringing our popular Q & A interviews along for the ride, as we talk to 13 great athletes...

Jason Wachob
February 8 2010